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Jacks or Better Video Poker

There are a number of different video poker variations available at Mummys Gold online casino, but the most popular one by far is Jacks or Better, also sometimes known as Draw Poker.

This is one of the most basic video poker variants that you can play, and you only need to have a hand containing Jacks or Better in order to get your payout. This game was one of the very first video poker adaptations to ever be produced, and thanks to this fact it resembles very closely the original game, Draw Poker.

Playing Jacks or Better

Your Jacks or Better game will begin by deciding on your bet. After this has been indicated, you will be dealt five cards, which you can keep or discard if you wish to try and make up a better hand, the choice is yours.

The Highest Hands for the Game

High cards in Jacks or Better or all of those that are either a Jack or one of the cards above it, and low card are those with less value than a Jack. High cards include the Ace, King, Queen and Jack, and the lower-valued cards are those running from two through to ten.

The Royal Flush, five sequential cards of the same suit that start at ten and end with ace, is the highest hand. A Straight is also comprised of five sequential cards, but these run up to ten. Four-of-a-Kind are four cards of the same number, like four 2s or four Kings, and a Full House is a hand that has Three-of-a-Kind along with a pair, like three 5s and two Queens. Four to a Royal Flush is a hand that has four of the five cards required to make up a Royal Flush, like if you are holding a 10, Jack, Queen and King, and are missing only the Ace. A Flush contains any five cards of matching suite.

Lower Ranked Hands for the Game

The most valuable of the lower-ranked Jacks or Better hands is Three-of-a-Kind, and this would be a hand holding three cards of the same number, like three 10s or three Queens.

A Straight is up next, and refers to five cards that are not of the same suit but are all sequential, and a Four to a Straight Flush means that you are holding four for the five cards you need to complete a Straight Flush.

Two Pairs is two pairs of cards that contain the same number, like two 5s and 2 Kings, and a Three to a Royal Flush is a pack of three of the necessary cards to form a Royal Flush.

Play the most popular version of video poker at Mummys Gold Casino and enjoy top class entertainment with every hand!



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