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Spin The Wheel At Online Roulette

The ultimate casino experience: spinning the wheel at the roulette table. Almost everyone can think of a favorite scene in a movie involving a spinning roulette wheel and the familiar table layout. Roulette creates an unbeatable casino aura that keeps entertaining gaming enthusiasts the world over. Mummys Gold has replicated the real-life roulette thrills with online roulette games that are just as adept at their land-based cousins.

The game of roulette captures the casino atmosphere perfectly, from land-based casinos to online gaming, with its high-risk betting opportunities. You can find different versions of roulette online here, including classic French Roulette, American Roulette and European Roulette.

For the ultimate in realism, you have to try Live Roulette, courtesy of Evolution Gaming, our trusted live casino partner. A real-live dealer spins the wheel in this game-show style adventure. Multiple cameras stream the action to your screen so you can view every spin of the wheel and zoom in on the ball in HD clarity. You can also explore new ways to bet with Double Roulette, where a patented device sends two balls onto the wheel, for two potentially winning numbers.

At Mummys Gold, your security and support are our commitment – we ensure a fair gaming environment that takes care of your financial and private information, and our friendly Customer Agents can aid you with any queries you may have.

Getting to grips with online roulette

While the same basic principle and rules applies to all roulette games, there are some differences: Roulette differs from European Roulette in that it contains an extra 0 on the wheel. This effectively increases the house edge, which is why players tend to opt for the European or French version.

It's both simple and complex, a game with a huge range of betting options. Roulette is made up of a roulette wheel and a betting table. A European Roulette wheel is divided into 37 pockets and numbered from 1 to 36. The numbers are either red or black with one space reserved for the 0, which is green in colour. The betting table features all the numbers on the wheel along with extra bets such as odds/evens, black/red and high or low numbers.

Basic betting with roulette

Roulette games have two parts. The first is where you place your bet, the second is where the spin of the wheel determines whether or not your bet wins or loses. An easy bet to start out with is to bet on either black or red, so you place your bet on either the colour red or black. The payout is straightforward – 1:1 if the ball drops on the colour you’ve chosen.

Odds/Evens is another simple bet: you decide whether the ball will drop on an even or an odd number, with the same payout of 1:1 if you guess correctly. In both of these scenarios, if the ball falls on green, the 0, you lose your bet.

For the next even money payout, you can choose the High/Low bet. The numbers are divided into two sections. Low numbers are numbers 1-18 and high numbers are numbers 19-36.

Always bet responsibly.

Up your roulette game from beginner to advanced

Looking for a slightly higher possible payout? You could bet on Thirds. The numbers are split into three equal parts, numbers 1-12, numbers 13-24 and numbers 25-36. This phenomenal table game comes loaded with possibilities: You can bet on a single number, including 0. If the ball drops into the same number, you’ll be paid out at 36:1.

The highest roulette payout comes from a single number bet. This is where you can pick a single number including the 0. If the ball drops onto the correct number, you will be paid out 36:1.

Online Roulette comes with the luxury of choice: you can place a single bet or a combination of bets on each round, so you can bet on red, the bottom numbers, even numbers, the first third and the specific number 12 all at the same time, for example. If the ball happens to land on the 12 you will be paid out 36:1 for your number bet, 2:1 for the “thirds” bet, 1:1 on odds/evens 1:1 on red/black and finally 1:1 on low/high numbers. Ultimately, your spirit of adventure is what will bring the rewards to your Mummys Gold Casino experience with the best online roulette available.

Join the action and enjoy world-class table games including online roulette and other favorites.



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