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Double Bonus 50 Power Poker

One of the best things about Video Poker is how many varieties there are of the game. Each has the same basic rules and objectives, but the subtle differences make them all challenging and rewarding in their own ways.

Developing an understanding of as many kinds of Video Poker versions as possible will deepen your insight into and appreciation for all of them – which will ultimately mean that you enjoy yourself more and are able to make a lot more money! That’s why we offer so many different editions of the game at Mummys Gold Casino.

Double Bonus 50 Power Poker is an advanced version of the game that is suited to anyone looking for new challenges to their Video Poker sessions. It’s the Double version of Bonus Poker, played with 50 hands instead of 1. It doesn’t get more exciting than that!

Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is quite a simple variation on the original Jacks or Better Video Poker game, where much bigger payouts are given to any 4 of a Kind hand. Holding 4 Aces pays out the most after a Royal Flush, followed by 4 2s, 3s or 4s, and then 4 of any other card.

Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker takes the rewards in Bonus Poker even further, and pays double what Bonus Poker does for a 4 of a Kind hand. To counter this, the payout for any 2 Pairs is reduced from 2:1 to even money which makes the game quite a lot more volatile – although very exciting too.

50 Hand Power Poker

Playing any Multi Hand Video Poker follows the same rules as the Single Hand version, but your bets and winning chances are multiplied – in this case, by 50! A master set of 5 cards is seen on the bottom of the screen, with all 50 identical hands arrayed on top. You’ll decide which cards to hold and set them on this master hand, and then this will be applied to all the cards above.

Every hand looks the same and you have to place the same bet on all of them, but each has its own deck that new cards are dealt from and the payouts of each are calculated individually. Playing with 50 hands makes your potential wins bigger and requires you to bet more money, but it doesn’t demand anything more from you in terms of strategy.

Level-up your Video Poker Experience Now

The strategy charts that work for Single Hand Double Bonus Poker work just as well or the Multi Hand games, so check these out for optimal playing performance. Check them out and get in on all the action and wins of Double Bonus 50 Power Poker!



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