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All Aces Video Poker

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Video Poker there is a whole world of variations to discover and enjoy at Mummys Gold Casino! They are all of the highest quality, of course, with crisp graphics and smooth functionality that makes the most of the unique blend of careful Poker strategy and instant Slots action that Video Poker games deliver.

Just as different Poker games have subtle variations that make playing all of them a more rewarding experience, so too do Video Poker games. The more you enjoy all the versions, the more your understanding and ability to win will grow. One of the most popular and highly recommended versions at Mummys Gold is All Aces.

All Aces Specific Rules

The difference in All Aces Video Poker is that there are bigger payouts for every Four of a Kind hand. The highest-paying hands are still a Royal Flush and then a Straight Flush, but they’re followed by Four of a Kind hands for Aces, 2s to 4s and then all other cards. This makes things more exciting, but still a simple enough for beginner players to enjoy as much as seasoned enthusiasts do.

All Aces Strategy

With the change in the standard hand rankings, All Aces has its own optimal strategy too. If you apply this it has a great payout rate, so check out the listings below. They’re ranked from highest-paying to lowest-paying, and any cards not mentioned should be exchanged:

  1. Royal flush, 4 of a kind, Straight flush
  2. 3 Aces
  3. 4 to a Royal
  4. 3 of a Kind 2 – 4
  5. Full House
  6. Other 3 of a Kind
  7. Flush, Straight
  8. 4 to Straight with no gap or 1 Gap and 1 high card
  9. Ace Pair
  10. 4 to Straight Flush with 1 gap and no high cards
  11. Two Pair
  12. Suited 10JQ or JQK
  13. Jack, King, Queen Pair
  14. 3 to Royal Flush except face cards
  15. 4 to Flush
  16. 2 – 4 Pair
  17. Unsuited 8910J, 910JQ or 10JQK
  18. 5 – 10 Pair
  19. 4 to Outside Straight
  20. Unsuited JQKA
  21. 3 to Straight Flush, not Ace-Low, with no gap, 1 Gap and 1 high card or 2 gaps and 2 high cards
  22. 2 suited high cards
  23. 4 to Inside Straight with 3 high cards
  24. 1 Ace
  25. Unsuited JQK
  26. 3 to Straight Flush with 1 gap and no high cards, 2 gaps and 1 high card or Ace-Low
  27. 4 to Inside Straight with 2 high cards
  28. Any face pair
  29. Suited 10J or 10Q
  30. 1 Jack, Queen or King
  31. 3 to Straight Flush with 2 gaps and no high cards
  32. 4 to Inside Straight with no high cards

Now you know a bit more about how to play, give All Aces a try at Mummys Gold Casino!



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