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Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces is one of the most popular versions of Video Poker that is available, and the best online versions are, of course, available at Mummys Gold Casino! It follows the same basic rules of all Video Poker games, with a few twists that give it specific challenges. You’ll love how much it complements the other Video Poker games and develops your skill in them all.

The Basics

As with all Video Poker games, Aces and Faces is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. To start the round you place a bet of up to 5 coins, and then 5 cards appear on your screen. You need to try to create the best hand that you can, and you have one chance to discard as many or as few cards as you wish to in order to do this.

Your payout is determined according to your final hand and how much you bet in the first place. It’s the perfect blend of instant Slots action and careful Poker consideration, and players find it irresistible.

The Specifics

The specific rules of Aces and Faces make the game more interesting. A Royal Flush is the highest-earning hand, as is usual in Video Poker games, but Aces and Faces recognises and rewards more lower-value Pairs than other versions of the game do.

In fact, Aces and Faces has a more generous payout table than almost any other version of Video Poker. Any hand above a Pair of Jacks will get you something, and a hand of Faces and Aces, in any order, rewards you too.

Strategy Table for Aces and Faces

The highest to the lowest hands are listed below. Any cards not mention should be exchanged.

  1. Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind
  2. 4 cards towards a Royal Flush
  3. Straight, Flush, Full House
  4. Three of a Kind
  5. 4 cards towards a Straight Flush
  6. 2 pairs
  7. High pair
  8. 3 cards towards a Royal Flush
  9. 4 cards toward a Flush
  10. Unsuited 10, J, Q and K
  11. Low pair
  12. 4 cards to an Outside Straight
  13. 3 cards towards a Straight Flush, but not Ace-Low, with 0 high cards and 0 gaps; 1 gap and 1 or 2 high cards or 2 high cards and 2 gaps
  14. Unsuited J, Q, K and A
  15. Any 2 suited high cards
  16. 4 cards toward a Straight Flush, with 1 gap and 3 high cards
  17. Unsuited K, Q and J
  18. 3 cards towards a Straight Flush with the exceptions mention in 13.
  19. Suited Jack and 10
  20. 2 unsuited high cards
  21. 1 high card
  22. 3 cards towards a Straight Flush with 2 gaps and 0

Give this great version of the game a go at Mummys Gold Casino!



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