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Spanish Blackjack

Experience top-class entertainment and big-win opportunities with Mummy’s Gold and Microgaming. Spanish Blackjack is an exciting online casino blackjack game with a bit of a twist.

Played with 8 decks of cards of 48 cards each, Spanish Blackjack does not include the uses of 10’s. The game also offers players the chance to double their bets and a late surrender option after every hand. 

Getting into the Game

If you are familiar with Microgaming’s standard multi-hand blackjack games, you will have no trouble adapting to Spanish Blackjack. The game itself is played on a single blackjack table with the dealer located at the top of the screen and the player situated at the bottom.

Eight Spanish decks of cards with 48 cards in each deck are in use during play. Blackjack is achieved with jack, queen or king combined with an ace. In this game, if both the dealer and player get blackjack or 21, the player receives the win.

Placing your Bet

A game of Spanish Blackjack begins by placing your bet on the table. In this game, the minim bet is 1 coin and the maximum bet is 200 coins. Once you have placed your bet on the table, you can click on the deal button located at the bottom of the screen.

The dealer will then deal you two cards face up and himself two cards with one card up and one card down. If the dealer’s up-facing card is a Jack, queen or King, he can peek at his cards to see if he has blackjack.

The aim of Spanish Blackjack is the same as standard blackjack; to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over 21. Once the first two cards have been dealt, you can choose to hit or to stick. You also have the option of doubling down twice in this version of the game. To add to this, you can choose to surrender your bet at any time during the hand. If your first two cards match, you can split your hand. You can split up to three times in one round and all unlike 10 value cards can be split.

Spanish Blackjack Payouts

With Spanish Blackjack, the lack of 10’s makes it more difficult to achieve a score of 21. Subsequently any 5 card hand totalling 21 pays out 3:1. Blackjack also pays out 3:2 while standard wins pay out even money.

If you have chosen to take an additional card and your total goes over 21, this is called going bust and you will lose your bet. In this game, the dealer must stick on 17 while there are no restrictions on when the player can stick.



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