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Online Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series

If you enjoy a good game of blackjack, you will definitely want to check out Microgaming’s Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series. This online casino card game is a classic twist on blackjack where you face off against the dealer in a multi-hand game with big-win opportunities.

You can play it online right here at Mummy’s Gold Casino in demo mode or for real money! Pontoon follows the same rules as blackjack with a few differences in terminology. A natural hand (Blackjack) is called pontoon, and players are forced to hit on hands lower than 15.

Playing Pontoon

The setup for Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series looks very similar to many of Microgaming’s online blackjack games. The game consists of single pontoon table with the dealer situated at the top of the table and the player at the bottom.

The game is played with eight regular decks with multiple hands available on every round. Unlike blackjack where an ace and a 10 is the only way to achieve the highest payout, in pontoon any card totalling ten plus an ace equals pontoon. For this reason, pontoon pays out 2:1.

How Pontoon Works

In a game of Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series, you can start the game by placing your bet on the table. You can do this by clicking on the chips located at the bottom of the screen and placing them on the highlighted area. In this game, the minimum bet is 1 coin and the maximum bet is 200 coins. Once you have placed your bet, you can click on the deal button.

The dealer will then deal you two cards facing up and himself two cards facing down. The aim of pontoon is to get as close to 21 points without going over 21. Splitting is allowed and a 5 card trick pays out the same as pontoon.

Betting and Sticking

In Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series, you cannot stick on a hand lower than 15. This is also true for the dealer who must also stand on 17. If your first set of cards total 14 or below, you must request a third card by clicking on the hit button. If you manage to score 21 with a total of 5 cards, this is called a 5 card trick and you will be paid out 2:1.

Unlike blackjack, in Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series, you never get to see any of the dealer’s cards at the start of the round. The dealer also peeks to check if he has pontoon as soon as the cards are dealt. If you request an additional card and your total goes over 21 points, this is called going bust and you lose your bet. If you are dealt two of the same cards, you can split your hand.



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