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Poker Pursuit

Experience all the action and drama a classic poker game where you control the outcome. Mummy’s Gold Casino and Microgaming brings you online poker pursuit, the video poker game where you can increase your bet when the odds are in your favour and minimise your losses when you have a low scoring hand.

This is the ideal game for online casino enthusiasts that want to try their hand at a game that requires a little bit of strategy. Play it online today and stand a chance of winning big!

The Setup

Microgaming’s poker pursuit is a video poker game comprising of a single screen. At the top of the screen is the paytable displaying the payouts for the various poker hands according to how many coins are bet at the end of each hand.

At the bottom of the screen are the game buttons including the deal button, the raise button and the call button. In the centre of the screen is a space where the cards are dealt. A game of poker pursuit automatically starts with a single coin bet. To start the deal, all you have to do is click on the deal button located at the bottom of the screen.

The First Deal

Once you have click on the deal button, the computer will deal your three cards. The aim in poker pursuit is to create the highest possible poker hand using the cards you have been dealt. Unlike standard video poker, in this game, you get the chance to up the betting after every deal. This means that once the three cards are dealt you can choose to up your bet by one coin or click on the call button to keep your original bet.

Raising your Bet

The idea in Poker pursuit is to try and minimise your losses when you are dealt a low scoring hand and really capitalise when you are dealt a good hand. After the first three cards have been drawn, you can raise or call. The fourth card will be dealt and you get the opportunity to raise the bet again to three coins or to click on the draw button if you don’t have a scoring hand. After the fifth card has been draw, the game will automatically determine if you have a winning hand and will pay out accordingly.

Poker Pursuit Payouts

In a game of online poker pursuit, the minimum paying hand is a pair of 10’s or better. If you do not have a hand higher than a pair of tens, there is no point increase the bet after the first deal unless you are aiming for a straight. After a single pair of 10’s, the standard poker hands increase all the way up to a royal flush, which pays out the most, at 3000 coins at a max bet!



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