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Multihand Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Blackjack is possibly the best-loved casino game in the world, and at Mummys Gold we have the finest versions to offer. Once you’ve learned the basics of the Classic Blackjack game you can explore many different variations, each one adding a new layer of insight into the game. You’ll understand more, play better and win bigger.

Atlantic City Blackjack’s set of rules make it among the most intriguing and rewarding versions of the game, and when you play the multihand version things get even better! You can play up to 5 hands at a time, meaning you have to think a lot more quickly and stand to win a lot more money. When you’re ready to take on more action in every way, it’s time to play Multi hand Atlantic City Blackjack Gold at Mummys Gold.

Atlantic City Basics

As in all variations of Blackjack, the aim here is to get a hand total of 21 or as near to this as possible, without going any higher and while beating the Dealer’s hand at the same time. You’ll get 2 cards and so will the Dealer, and you’ll be able to see both of yours and 1 of the Dealer’s.

In the Atlantic City version of the game the Dealer Peeks for Blackjack if the face-up Dealer card is an ace or a 10-value card. This way you won’t have to bet and then lose excess amounts if there’s no way you could win. You’re allowed to make a move called Late Surrender, and forfeit half your bet without continuing the round.

You’re also allowed to Split your hand, if it’s a Pair, 3 times in a single turn, getting a new card deal to each new hand so that 4 new hands are created. The only exception is for a Pair of Aces; here you can only Split once. Doubling Down, or doubling your bet and getting another card, is permitted before and after Splitting in Atlantic City Blackjack.

You can also simply Hit and get another card, and when you’re happy with what you have you can Stand. The Dealer has to Hit on any total under 16 and Stand on anything above 17. When you’re both finished, all cards are revealed. You are paid out 1:1 if your total is below 21 and the Dealer’s is above, or if both totals are below 21 and yours is higher. Getting Blackjack, or exactly 21, gets an incredible 3:2 return.

Golden Advantages

The Gold variation of makes playing even better! Part of Microgaming’s illustrious Gold Series, it features guidelines, customisable settings, hyper-realistic graphics and immersive sounds.

You’ll feel like you’re at a real-life table, but with more special attention and guidance. Interested? Play now!



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