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Cyberstud Poker Progressive

At Mummys Gold we understand that our sohpsiticated players are always looking for new challenges, and we pride ourselves on meeting them. Microgaming’s Cyberstud Poker Progressive Jackpot game is as chakkenging as it is rewarding, and Mummys Gold Players will love every minute of it. It has elements of Blackjack, along with Caribbean Stud Poker, and a flavour all of its own.

The Basics of Cyberstud Poker

When you’re playing Cyberstud Poker at Mummys Gold you’ll be able to check the payout table and comprehensive Help files, but we’ve also got the basics for you here. Cyberstud games have 2 parts to them; a Poker and a Progressive Jackpot component.

First of all, you’ll be dealt 5 cards and the Dealer will get 1. You’ll be able to see all 6 of these, but will have to place your initial bet called an Ante first. After you’ve done this your 5 cards and the Dealer’s single card will be revealed, and you’ll need to decide what to do next based on what you see.

You can Fold and forfeit your bet, or Raise, doubling your Ante, and keep playing. If you do keep going the remaining 4 cards are given to the Dealer hand. These must then be checked, and if the hand doesn’t hold a King and Ace or higher-ranked card it doesn’t qualify, the round ends and all Antes and later bets are returned.

If the Dealer hand does qualify, all cards are revealed and your hand is compared against the Dealer’s using Standard Poker hand rankings. If you lose you forfeit all bets, and if you win you are paid out your Ante in full and the odds payable for your wager, based on your hand.

The second part of the game is the Progressive Jackpot, and you are automatically entered into the running for this when you play Cyberstud Poker. This cumulative amount is added to with every bet that every player lays down, which quickly adds up to much more than a standalone game could ever offer to pay you. You bet 1 credit, and a Flush or better will trigger a payout, and you’ll get the life-changing Progressive Jackpot in full if you’re lucky enough to get a Royal Flush.

Play and Win with Cyberstud Poker

Cyberstud Poker has everything you could possibly want in a casino game; the strategy and tactics of Poker and the thrills of waiting to see if you’ve won the staggering Progressive Jackpot reward. Register at Mummys Gold, make your first deposit and claim your Welcome Bonus.



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