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50 Hand Jacks or Better Video Poker

One of the most popular games at any casino, whether online or offline, is Video Poker. It rounds off any playing session perfectly, and each of the different variations that have arisen over the years will deepen your understanding and appreciation of them all.

The best game to begin your Video Poker journey with is Jacks or Better, since this is the original game upon which all subsequent editions are based. We’ve got superb variations of the Single Hand version, and when you’re ready for something a little more exciting you can try the 50 Hand game.

Multiple Hand Video Poker games take the thrills to a new level, but they don’t require any more tactics or strategy than the Single Hand games do. Next time you need an extra shot of adrenaline in your casino session, consider 50 Hand Jacks or Better!

50 Hand Jacks or Better Gameplay

In 50 Hand Jacks or Better you’ll have 50 identical hands on the screen, and a master hand of bigger cards along the bottom. As in the Single Hand version of the game, you get a single turn to keep and discard as many or as few cards as you choose while you try to build the best hand that you can. Standard Poker hand rankings apply, and the lowest hand that wins anything is a pair of Jacks.

You’ll set which cards you want to hold on your master hand, and this will then be applied to all 50 hands. You place a blanket bet of the same amount on every hand, but each payout is individually calculated. You spend more than on Single Hand games, but you stand to win a lot more too!

Simple Strategy

Since the same basic rules apply to both, you can use the same strategy in 50 Hand as in Single Hand Jacks or Better games. Use the chart below, find where your hand fits, and replace all the cards not mentioned:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Four cards going towards making a Royal Flush
  • Full House
  • Three of a Kind
  • Any pair of Jacks or higher
  • Three cards towards a Royal Flush
  • Four cards towards making a Flush
  • Any pair of lower-ranked cards
  • Four cards towards an Open-ended Straight
  • Two unmatched suited cards
  • Three cards towards a Straight Flush
  • Suited ten card with a King, Queen or Jack
  • Any single Jack or better-ranked card

If you don’t hold any of the above-listed cards, replace all 5 in your hand. If you’re playing 50 Hand Jacks or Better, this means 50 brand new hands! Sound exciting? Of course it does! 



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