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50 Hand Double Joker Video Poker

Double Joker Poker is one of the many variations of Video Poker that has arisen over the years, and it’s perfect for players who have been enjoying the original Jacks or Better game and are ready for something a little more complicated.

Double Joker works in a very similar way to Jacks or Better, but it’s played with a 54-card deck that includes 2 Jokers as well as the standard 52 cards. The Jokers are Wild, which means they can stand in for any other cards to help complete winning combinations.

The only thing more exciting than playing Video Poker at Mummys Gold, with its unique combination of Slots action and Poker strategy, is playing Multiple Hand Video Poker! You can play a few Multi Hand Double Joker games with us, including the 50 Hand version. It’s perfect when you feel like the same level of strategy that you know, but want to crank up the excitement level as high as it can go!

50 Hand Double Joker Poker Gameplay

The same basic rules apply in 5 Hand Double Joker as in the Single Hand version of the game, but you’ll see 50 hands on the screen at once. You’ll also see a larger set of 5 cards at the bottom of the screen, which will be the hand you actually use to set which cards to keep and which to replace.

All the hands above the master set are identical to the original hand, and the cards that you hold are held in all of these as well. You also place a blanket bet on all 50 hands, wagering the same amount on each hand.

Once everything is in place, all you need to do is hit the Deal button and watch the winnings roll in! Every hand is dealt with from its own deck, and payouts are individually calculated according to what is on the final 5 cards. You’re betting more than you would be in a Single Hand game, but you stand to win a lot more cash too.

Play and Win

If you’ve been enjoying the pleasures of Single Hand Video Poker varieties and are ready to take the adrenaline and payouts to the next level, Multi Hand games are the perfect solution! Existing members can head over and start playing 50 Hand Double Joker, and new players only need to take a few moments to register their casino accounts before they can start.




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