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4 Hand Deuces Wild Video Poker

Video Poker works perfectly for today’s busy players, and the range at Mummys Gold will show you the high standard that these games can reach. We offer a huge selection, including the original Jacks or Better version that started it all.

We always suggest beginning with the classic game, but as your confidence grows you’ll love exploring all the other options. You’ll soon find your favourites, but make sure you give them all a fair shake. Every game will deepen your understanding and appreciation of them all, and will make for a more rounded casino experience.

Deuces Wild is similar to Jacks or Better, so it’s a good Video Poker version to take the next step with after you’ve been playing for a while. Then, when you’re ready to really take things to the next level of thrills and potential rewards you can play the 4 Hand game.

Deuces Wild Basics

Deuces Wild works in the same way as Jacks or Better does, except that the 4 Deuces or 2-value number cards are Wild and can substitute for any others to complete winning combinations. To start off with you can bet up to 5 coins, and then you’ll be dealt 5 cards as you try to build the best hand according to standard Poker rankings.

Once you’ve seen your 5 cards you can decide how many you want to exchange to create a better hand, and can replace as many or as few as you’d like to in a single turn. Then your payout will be calculated according to how much you bet to begin with, and what your final hand reflects.

Playing With 4 Hands

The 4 Hand version of Deuces Wild follows the same rules as the single hand version, and you set the cards that you want to hold on the lowermost hand on your screen. Above these 5 cards are the 4 hands that you’ll be playing with. They begin with the same set of held cards as the original hand at the bottom, and are then dealt new cards from their own deck of 52.

In other words, playing 4 Hand Deuces Wild is no more challenging than playing the single hand game. It doesn’t increase the strategic Poker-like elements of the game, but it definitely ups the instant thrills that so many players love so much.

You’ll have 4 more chances to win big, and the more you bet the more you stand to walk away with. The risks are a little bigger, but then again so are the potential rewards.

If you’re ready for all of this heart-pumping adrenaline, play a few rounds of 4 Hand Deuces Wild now!



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