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10 Hand Joker Poker

The combination of instant thrills and strategic planning that is so unique to games of Video Poker, with elements of Slots and Poker card games, makes the games among the most popular at Mummys Gold. There are plenty of different variations, and all of them bring their own challenges and rewards.

We encourage you to try all our Video Poker games; they’ll all deepen your understanding of the game and you’ll soon find the ones that are your favourites. For something really different, check 10 Hand Joker Poker!

How Joker Poker Works

Joker Poker follows the same basic principles as every other edition of Video Poker, with a few key variations to keep things interesting. The biggest difference is that it is played with a 53-card deck; all the standard 52 cards and the Joker, which is Wild and can substitute anything, to help make more winning combinations. The lowest-paying hand is a pair of Kings.

What Makes 10 Hand Joker Poker Special?

The same rules apply in the 10 hand and single hand games, but once you’ve set the cards that you want to hold from your original hand, each of the 10 hands get new cards from 10 separate decks. You get to place a blanket bet of the same amount on each of the hands on the screen, and could get paid out on all 10 hands in a single round!

Playing 10 Hand Joker Poker

The same rules apply when it comes to holding and exchanging cards for 10 Hand Joker Poker as for the single-hand game. The difference really comes in taking bigger risks and getting bigger rewards. As usual, the easiest thing to do is follow a hand-ranking chart. The one below lists the hands from lowest to highest value; find where your hand fits and exchange all cards not mentioned:

  • 4 of A kind or better to 5 of a kind
  • 4 to a Wild Royal with King high
  • Full house
  • 4 to Wild Royal with Ace high
  • 4 to Straight Flush, No Gap, excluding A23, 234
  • Flush
  • 4 to Straight Flush, 1 or 2 gaps, including A23, 2343
  • 3 of a kind, Straight
  • 4 to Flush with 1-2 High Cards
  • 3 to Straight Flush/3 to Wild Royal Flush, either no Gaps or 1-2 High Cards
  • 3 to Straight Flush, 1 Gap
  • Joker plus Unsuited TJK, TQK, JQK
  • Joker plus Ace/Joker plus King
  • 3 to Straight Flush, 2 Gaps
  • 4 to outside straight
  • Four to a Flush, no high cards
  • Joker plus 6/7/8
  • Joker plus 10/5/9
  • Joker plus Jack
  • Keep Joker only

Get in on the action at Mummys Gold Casino and discover just how lucrative this version of Video Poker can be!



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