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Online Pokies To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

We know that New Zealanders love all online casino games, but there is a special place in their hearts for Pokies. More popular even than online Blackjack, these games are the heartbeat of all online casinos, just as they have always been for land-based gambling destinations.

Pokies were first introduced in Brooklyn and San Francisco at the start of the 20th century, popular in bars across these cities. During the 1960s they arrived in Las Vegas, originally intended as side attractions for the female companions accompanying the men at the serious game tables.

However, Pokies soon proved a hit in their own right, and Vegas gave them the status they deserve. The games were only available in New Zealand following Parliament’s legalising of gambling clubs in 1989, but they took off right away.

How do Pokies Games Work?

Physical Pokies machines originally had mechanical parts, although today everything is done on a screen using Random Number Generator software, and that has of course always been the case with online Pokies. The premise of the games remain the same.

In every Pokies game there are reels that display icons. After players have placed their bets, the reels are spun. The symbols form pre-set patterns known as paylines. When the reels come to rest and the pictures line up, they pay out a multiple of whatever a player’s bet was in the first place.

Over the years, variations in Pokies have arisen and today there are two basic types, classic reel and video pokies. Microgaming is especially renowned at producing incredible Pokies titles, and we are able to offer a huge library that includes both Pokies types at Mummys Gold.

Vibrant Video Pokies

All pokies are technically Video Pokies today, displayed on screens and running on software. However, the name is reserved for the games that were first seen on video displays when the technology was still new. These games feature more paylines and reels than the earlier Pokies games, as well as many more bonus rounds and special features. Some games feature “fixed” paylines, meaning they must all be activated and bet on with every spin; in other Video Pokies you can choose which paylines to activate and put money on for each spin of the reels.

In addition, all Video Pokies are based on a central theme, which can literally be anything creative developers can dream up. Microgaming’s library includes big names such as Bridesmaids, Phantom of the Opera, Tomb Raider, as well as Thunderstruck, based on Norse Mythology; Avalon; based on Arthurian legends; and Cashapillar, about a caterpillar having a tea party. The themes really are limited only by the Microgaming team’s imagination!

Quintessential Classic Pokies

Also known as reel Pokies, these games are inspired by the earliest Pokies machines. They stick closely to their aesthetic, with just 3 reels, very few paylines, minimal special features and simple icons such as bells, cherries and 7s on the reels themselves. Don’t worry about the payouts though – these are very attractive, even by modern standards! Classic pokies are great for beginning players who are just getting to grips with these online casino games, and as you become more experienced you’ll appreciate them for their slower pace and pure Pokies action.

Phenomenal Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Both classic and Video Pokies games can have a progressive jackpot attached to them. In this situation, the games pay out as normal – and of course, since they are Microgaming titles, these are very impressive in their own right. The vintage action of a reel game or the immersive thrills of a video pokies title is, however, made even more thrilling by the fact that a progressive jackpot could be awarded at any moment.

Progressive jackpots are constantly being added to, with a small portion of every bet made by every player, until they are triggered. This can happen at random, or when a specific combination of symbols lines up along the reels. In some progressive jackpots you are awarded the payout immediately; for others you need to complete side games first. Either way, if you manage to win one of these, your life will never be the same again.



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