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Live dealer casino games are, for many people, the perfect balance between an online casino and a land-based casino. You get the online convenience, lower minimum bets, economic advantages of no travel or other incidental costs and massive bonuses, along with the unmatchable thrill of interacting with a real-life dealer and often with other gambling enthusiasts too.

Naturally, as with everything gambling-related, at Mummys Gold, we offer New Zealand players the best experiences with live casino games.

How Do Live Casino Games Work?

In conventional online casino games, animations, graphics and Random Number Generators are used to bring the action to life. In the live dealer versions, the game plays out in front of you on actual equipment, in real time.

Trained dealers operate real-life cards for live online Blackjack and other card games, or spin the wheel and drop the ball for live online Roulette games. Cameras record all the action and transmit it live to wherever you are. All you need to get completely immersed in your casino games is a strong internet connection.

How do Live Dealer Games Compare?

Live dealer games have a different feel to usual casino games, and not only because you are able to interact with the dealers. They also move at a very distinct pace, because the real equipment takes longer to operate.

If you’re playing live dealer Blackjack, Baccarat or Poker, for example, the cards will have to be physically gathered up and dealt between rounds. In live dealer Roulette, you have to wait for the actual wheel to stop spinning before you get to see the result.

Without Random Number Generator software, the games take longer to complete. If you’re pressed for time, this can mean that live games are not ideal for your current casino session. You might want to stick to our usual, top-drawer online casino games and save the live versions for another time.

Live dealer casino game selections are also smaller than conventional game libraries; the technology is newer and still catching up, and some games don’t work as well in this format. Online Pokies and Video Poker, for example, which are operated by the players themselves in brick-and-mortar casinos, do not translate well into a situation where a dealer works the game machine and then the results are generated. Rather than adding this strange extra step, Pokies games are kept at their immersive best by maintaining their usual online format.

What Makes Live Dealer Casino Games Special?

Live dealer games are so exciting that it’s almost impossible to make them disappointing or unenjoyable. Why are the ones that we offer to New Zealanders at Mummys Gold better than other options?

For starters, we have chosen the world leader in live dealer casino software to provide all our live games. Evolution Gaming was established in 2006 and has garnered multiple awards since then. Their innovative technology has led to many ground-breaking advances such as making it possible for players themselves to perform the Baccarat squeeze, thanks to a clever blend of technology and live footage.

Every game has customisable settings to make them more personalised to your tastes, and special features to help you develop your game insight and strategy. The dealers will banter with you and pass on helpful advice, and you can also opt to turn on the live chat feature if you want to interact with other gamblers. If you’d prefer to focus on your online casino games, of course, you don’t have to do this.

Evolution Gaming’s range of betting options will suit the budgets of all our players, and the dealers are better looking, wittier and more knowledgeable than with any other live dealer software. Games are streamed from elegant and opulent-looking studios, adding to the glamourous sophistication of the overall experience.

Quality Live Dealer Casino Experiences

Mix all this in with the dazzling bonuses, outstanding support, and incredible overall service and security that you get at Mummys Gold, and we think you’ll agree that our live dealer online casino games are the best in New Zealand, if not the world. And of course, you can also play them to perfection on any mobile device that you care to use. Take your gambling sessions to the next level and dive into our live games!



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