Explore the World’s Worst Airports

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Airports can offer a range of different experiences for travellers, from outstanding to downright poor. A huge room filled with people catching flights, looking for their luggage and passing time with only stale air and average airport food for comfort can be a recipe for disaster. In many cases, that’s exactly what you can expect. Pair that with jet lag, conflicting schedules, hectic business demands and rampant stress and you can imagine the results.

Of course, there are some truly amazing airports too, and these are as enjoyable to spend time at as an online casino! Some, like Singapore Changi or Dubai International Airport, offer sprawling gardens, waterfalls, malls, slides, cinemas, food courts and much more. Many airports around the world are comfortable, well ventilated, air-conditioned and professionally run. However, today we’re going to be delving into the world’s worst airports instead of the best ones. Hold onto your seats and expect a bumpy ride ahead!

London Gatwick Airport, UK

Have you ever visited London Heathrow Airport, England’s largest airport? If so, you might expect the UK’s second largest airport to be just as well-kept and timeous as its sister facility. Unfortunately, it is actually rated one of the worst in the world when it comes to punctuality and overall quality.

The airport may have made hefty investments into renovating its terminals and building additional runways, but travellers are still not overly impressed with Gatwick. Many complain of crowded waiting areas and lounges and consistently delayed flights. The airport’s plans to build additional runways have also been halted more than once, leaving it with the same plane capacity but additional debt to attend to.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada

The airport also known as the Toronto Island Airport is based in a beautiful location on the Toronto waterfront. Considering this, you would think that flyers would love arriving in Canada and enjoying the city’s beautiful views and culture. Alas, all of this is not enough to redeem it from below average service, limited food and drink options, and repeated flight delays.

Porto Airport, Portugal

This Portuguese airport has been criticised by flyers for its dirty and poorly maintained bathrooms, major delays, and confusing signage. These issues have understandably been enough to push Porto Airport onto the list of the world’s 10 worst airports.

Paris Orly Airport, France

Paris Orly Airport certainly has a reputation – but not a positive one. Many travellers who stop at this hub complain of expensive and average food and drink, rude and unhelpful staff members, and in some cases, lost luggage as well.

Queues inside an airportSource: Pixabay

Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait

Travellers who make the long trek to Africa are often advised to steer clear of Kuwait International Airport. According to visitors’ online reviews, the airport is bad – and is only getting worse. They say that access to terminals and transportation links are usually congested, and that staff members display generally poor attitudes towards flyers.

Lisbon Portela Airport, Portugal

According to AirHelp, the Lisbon Portela Airport is technically the worst in the world. It has garnered many a complaint for its overpriced food, scarce waiting areas, disastrous queues, rude staff members and lost baggage. Unfortunately, any positive feedback from passengers who visit Lisbon Portela is hard to come by.

Henri Coandă International Airport, Romania

The Romanian airport just outside of Bucharest is not a favourite among international or local flyers. Visitors complain consistently of poor signage, flight delays, unappealing airport lounges and even encroaching, bad smelling smoking areas.

Manchester Airport, UK

Manchester Airport has garnered some pretty negative reviews lately, and it’s not hard to understand why. Passengers have reportedly been dissatisfied with the airport’s hefty drop-off fees, visitors’ cars being broken into, and even a waiting room collapsing while travellers were in the building!

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