Will Facebook Allow For Real Money Gaming?

Along with the rise of the online and mobile casino platform, it comes as little surprise that the casino world has taken to embracing other elements of the new modern social world – including social media platforms.

The largest social media platform by far is Facebook – a global conglomerate, which, in recent years, has also acquired other social networks and messaging technologies such as Instagram and WhatsApp, making it one of the most powerful platforms out there.

Indeed, Facebook boasts billions of users, of all ages and nationalities, and is used the world over as a primary means of staying in touch with friends and family. Given its expansive network, it is little surprise that Facebook has also begun to host casino games.

Casino Games on Facebook

Currently, casino games on the Facebook platform are only available as free games, and are not available as real money casino games. There are a number of reasons for this, but the roots can primarily be traced back to the fact that Facebook in itself is not a regulating body, and has users of all ages. It is also available all over the world, and does not take into consideration laws and regulations that are country-specific. While this is not always the case, it can be taken as a general fact that Facebook accommodates everyone, and therefore cannot be expected to legally accommodate real-money casino games.

The casino games that are available on Facebook are primarily hosted by third party sites. Most of these sites have a real-money platform that is available outside of the Facebook network, and requires players to log into the separate controlled account in order to enjoy the casino games for real money.

The games that are available on Facebook, however, are entertainment-only games, developed for the pure pleasure and fun of playing and available to all Facebook users for exactly that reason.

Possible Changing Legislation

That said, however, it is not necessarily a given that real-money casino games on Facebook will not become a reality in the near future. In the United States of America, for example, legislation with regards to online gaming has become more and more favourable, and, in particular, the states of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have approved online casino games to some extent.

To date, however, legalised real-money casino games on Facebook within the United States are not permitted, though there has been a shift towards actually legalising this in other countries.

Shift from Free to Real Money

If the shift from free casino games to real-money games on Facebook were to be taken into account on a global scale, this is something that could happen fairly quickly. There are already millions of Facebook users that make use of the free games available on Facebook, many of which also have external accounts that allow for real-money gaming.

If Facebook were to allow for real-money casino games, then these players are likely to shift completely, using Facebook as their main gaming platform, primarily due to the ease that this platform affords.

Players are already logged into their Facebook accounts, on a variety of devices, at all hours of the day and night. Simply accessing their real-money casino games from there would be tremendously easy and remove the necessity of having various logins and various accounts across the online casino platform world. Simply sticking to Facebook as the platform for free games as well as real-money games would be the next logical step, if this were to be legalised in future.

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