What Not To Do In Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

It’s so easy to find a list of all the things you should do in Las Vegas. There is always someone telling you where to go, which shows to see, which nightclubs have the best DJ’s and which casinos are the most fun to visit. In fact, anyone going to Vegas is so spoiled for choice, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

This is a slightly different type of list. We believe you should just go where the day takes you and see what it brings, so instead of giving you yet another list that is designed to make you seriously struggle with the fear of missing out, we have put together a beginners guide of what not to do in Vegas. That way, whatever you do, you will be sure to have a great time.

Don’t Use The Casino ATMs

Everyone knows that there are all sorts of hidden costs in the casino, and one of the sneakier ones is the ATM charges. For some reason, drawing money in the casino can cost you almost double what it would anywhere else. While this doesn’t seem like a lot once or twice, if you regularly top up your cash to play the next game, it can work out to quite a large sum. Instead, draw the cash you need at the beginning, and then separate it into envelopes so that you have a budget for each day. This is also a great way to keep track of your spending.

Don’t Touch The Minibar

Casinos in Vegas are so huge there isn’t enough manpower to manually check every single hotel room before a guest checks out. So instead of going and manually checking the mini bar and snacks station in your room, they are fixed with sensors. As soon as you pick an item up, it is charged to your account, so be careful what you choose to have a look at! Make sure you only touch items you are willing to pay for.

Don’t Take Any Video Indoors

In an age of instant updates we all want to grab a picture of the winning hand, or of the slot machine spitting out our winnings. Before you head to Vegas have a stern conversation with yourself about your addiction to social media, because it’s simply not allowed in any of the casinos in the city. Taking pictures or video anywhere on the casino gambling floor will land you with a hefty fine, some as high as $100,000. You definitely don’t want to come back from Vegas with the down payment on a house owing to the casino.

Don’t Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

One of the many things you may not expect while in Vegas is how much walking you will do. The casinos are enormous and filled with beautiful scenery and attractions. As a result you will be walking around all day, and from casino to casino. Wearing uncomfortable shoes, or even your favourite pair of heels, will likely leave you in a lot of pain by the end of the day.

Don’t Get Married

This one comes with the exception that you shouldn’t get married unless you go to Vegas planning to get married. It sounds kind of obvious but if it weren’t such a popular activity of drunken visitors, movies like What Happens in Vegas would never have had a story to tell. The chapels in Vegas see over 300 weddings a day, and we will leave you to decide how many of those you think were planned. While the idea of the drive through divorce sounds like it’s easy to do, remember that the marriage is legal in your state or your home country as well. This means that if the law at home is that you have to stay married for a year before you get divorced, then there is nothing you can do about it the next day. It’s much safer to just steer clear of the chapel all together!

Don’t Trust the VIP Passes Handed Out On The Street

Just like any major tourist destination, Vegas has its own brand of street hustlers. These ones will offer you a free show, a VIP pass to a big nightclub, or a free entry ticket to a popular nightclub. While there are some great deals out there, make sure you read the fine print. Very often the entry to the show might be free, but the theatre has a two-drink minimum or enormous service fees. Always make sure you know exactly what you are getting into, and what the associated costs are.

Vegas is a hell of a lot of fun to visit, and a definite bucket list item for anyone who loves gambling, bright lights and non-stop action. Make sure you follow our advice, look after your wallet and you will have the most amazing time, with no regrets.

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