The World’s Most Iconic Tourist Attractions

The Eiffel TowerSource: Pixabay

When it comes to visiting tourist attractions there are literally tens of thousands to choose from around the world. But there are 7 that should be on the bucket list of every somewhat self-respecting traveller. They are recognised globally as being must-sees, and for very good reason.

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The Eiffel Tower, Paris

As far as recognisable tourist attractions go, there isn’t much that holds a candle to the Eiffel Tower. This incredible structure towers over Paris, and is visible from almost every area of the city. It stands an enormous 1,063 feet tall, and the brave will even attempt to climb the steps to the top.

Interestingly enough, although the Eiffel Tower is now known as one of the biggest draw cards in Paris, when the tower was originally completed in 1889 many locals thought it was an eyesore. Now it welcomes roughly 7 million visitors a year.

Niagara Falls, Canada

It is hardly possible to visit Canada without taking a trip to the famed Niagara Falls. It is the most popular waterfall in the world, welcoming as many as 30 million visitors on an annual basis.

The falls started forming roughly 12,000 years ago, triggered when melting ice began to drain from the Niagara Escarpment and find a route into the ocean. Thus, we have the Niagara Falls, which have been carving their way into the earth ever since.

Taj Mahal, India

One of the so-called 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is regarded as the ultimate symbol of eternal love. The great white marble palace was originally commissioned in 1632 by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. His favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, died during childbirth, and the emperor wanted a shrine to her that would last forever.

Although certainly impressive to behold, the Taj Mahal now sees close to 7 million visitors a year. This means that your visit may not be as intimate as you hope for!

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

If the builders of the Leaning Tower of Pisa had known that the lean would become its most iconic feature, they may not have tried to fix it during original construction in the 12th century. Many are not aware, but the lean has been getting increasingly more pronounced over the years, with the full 5.5 degree tilt being achieved in 1990. Don’t worry though, because measures have been taken to reduce to tilt, and stabilise the structure. Today the tilt is only 3.97 degrees, hopefully preventing it from ever hitting the ground.

Around 5 million visit the tower annually to take photos of themselves propping it up!

The SphinxSource: Pixabay

Christ The Redeemer, Brazil

The immense Christ the Redeemer statue stands tall over Rio, and was constructed between 1922 and 1931. It is an impressive 38 meters, including the pedestal, and its sheer magnificence is reason enough for more than 1,8 million to visit annually. Though, this is one case where the crowds might be a little cramped, given that there is only very limited room to see the statue up close. Thankfully, a good view can be had of the statue from many locations, not just at the base.

The Sphinx, Egypt

It hardly gets much more iconic than the Sphinx and the pyramids. In this case, we’re talking specifically about the Sphinx, which was constructed, officially, around 2,494 BC. Around 14.7 million visitors gaze at the structure every year, keen to get a glimpse of a time so long ago it is difficult to imagine. Though, many make the journey these days simply to see for themselves what all the controversy is about.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Finally, Mount Fuji, or Fujiyama, is the iconic volcano in Japan. Standing 12,300 feet tall, it is officially an active volcano, though hasn’t seen a major eruption since 1707. On a clear day it can be seen all the way from Tokyo, and so recognisable is its shape, created over 3 major eruptions, that it is often used a symbol of Japan. Around a quarter of a million people visit the mountain a year, including nearly 4,000 that make the climb on a daily basis.

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