New Zealand – A Casino Island

New Zealand is exploding with adventureSource: Pixabay

New Zealand might be an island country with a population of only 4.5 million people, but it’s rugby team is nothing to scoff at! The All Blacks and their world-famous haka have been intimidating rival squads and teams the world-over for years. Rugby aside, New Zealand is on the map for a bunch of other reasons.  Its Prime Minister is known for her swift action on gun control and Peter Jackson shot his famous Lord Of The Rings Trilogy there.

Sport, politics and movies aside, New Zealand is also known for its thriving, vibrant and entertaining casino life. In fact, the island nation is home to 6 land-based casinos, providing all your standard casino game fare and making sure that even those who usually play in a casino online are still bound to make a turn. With all this in mind, let us now take a look at all things casino-related that New Zealand has to offer, while also tipping our hats to its other appealing attributes.

6 Casinos, Mate!

The big six casinos in New Zealand comprise Dunedine Casino, Christchurch Casino, and four more that are owned by the same entertainment group, SkyCity. These four are SkyCity Auckland, SkyCity Hamilton, SkyCity Queenstown and SkyCity Wharf Casino. In terms of operator allowance, New Zealand is quite young, having only allowed the very first casino (Christchurch) to start operating in 1994. Coincidentally, this the very same year in which the online casino industry took its first few steps onto the World Wide Web. The SkyCity group is a real success story, having started its operations in Auckland after which it sought a piece of the casino pie in Australia and with great success.

Colorful Auckland, New ZealandSource: Pixabay

Outside Of Gaming

New Zealand is a beautiful island country and while casino gaming is high on the priority of its residents, it’ certainly not the only thing on the social agenda. Locals and visitors alike can delight in this country’s natural beauty and explore its countryside by embarking on a sightseeing adventure.

As New Zealand’s biggest city, most visitors kick things off in Auckland and while the city exhibits all your typical big city traits, it is equally rich with natural wonders. From Auckland, a day trip can net you some serious holiday ROI (Return On Investment). There are magnificent beaches to visit, a rainforest to explore and get this, a volcano too! Alternatively you can leave the city for the nearby and exquisite Matakana coast which lets you in on lush vegetation, exclusive beaches and coastal views that will move you, and lovely vineyards too. Along the way you can also take in art galleries, a honey centre and boutique shopping, compliments of the Puhoi boutique townships.

Get a real feel for Kiwi culture in the South Island town of Queenstown and let the adventurer in you take the wheel! Jet boating, bungee jumping and sky diving will give all interested parties the adrenalin high they so crave. For a more sedate experience the city also offers botanical gardens, a vibrant art centre, a calming waterfront and various historical sites and monuments to explore.  This and much more awaits anyone looking to visit New Zealand.

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