Things Not To Say During Losing Streaks

Due to the nature of casino games, there are going to be inevitable periods of losing. Casino games are based around luck, at least in part, which means that dropping a few chips is inevitably going to happen. The trick with casino games is, of course, to maximise wins and minimise losses, which will help see the player emerge with more cash than when they started, regardless of any losing that may have happened. It is this strategy that makes casino games as entertaining as they are.

But, some tend to get disheartened when the losing happens, which is the wrong thing to do. Either way, when a player hits a losing streak, there are a few things that you should never say to them. Let’s take a look at 3 things to never say to a player who is enduring a losing streak.

Just Bet Bigger To Cover Losses

The instinct of many when faced with a few losses is to bet bigger in an attempt to chase losses. This is a big mistake, and a pitfall that many find themselves in. Chasing losses is the wrong way to deal with a losing streak, since this sort of reckless betting will generally just make the situation worse. Instead, rather play more carefully and more thoughtfully, and wait for the wins to come back. In other words, ride out the losing streak, as opposed to trying to forcefully beat it.

And, most importantly, be ready to take advantage of the winning streaks when they come back around. Casino games are all about striking while the iron is hot, and you have to be ready and waiting for your iron to heat up. Be sure, however, to never make an assumption about the next round, but rather be patient and see how the game unfolds.

You’re Guaranteed to Win the Next Hand

Some players have the illusion that losses must certainly be followed by wins, based on statistics. But this is not necessarily how statistics work. A loss doesn’t have to be followed by a win, or vice versa. Just because you have lost a few rounds doesn’t mean that a win is now certainly due. Instead, winning and losing can fluctuate very unpredictably.  A player must be careful not to assume that a win or loss is in store, and simply ride out the situation as it unfolds.

Simply assume that each round could be a win or a loss, and play the game accordingly. And, above all else, always play smart.

Lady Luck Must Hate You

Some casino game players have odd superstitions and views about luck, as if it were something that could be pleased or unhappy. The term ‘Lady Luck’ is given to personify this perception, which is often simply a joke. But others tend to take it a bit too seriously, and assume that luck can swing one way or another based on things other than the game itself. Games such as online roulette often tend to have such superstitions attached, because of the visual nature of the game.

There is, of course, nothing more than chance and probability at play, which can seem to behave very strangely at times, but this is nothing more than the nature of casino games. Simply play the game with a level head, and smart strategies, and it will soon become clear that luck is random, and cannot be influenced.

I Must Keep Playing Until I Win

Yes, the tides are sure to turn back in your favour at some point, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be at that exact moment in time. If you find yourself down, it might be better to simply call it a day, and try again another day. After all, a bit of losing can put a person in a sour mood, and it’s perhaps not the best idea to keep playing with such a negative attitude. A negative attitude can, after all, drastically effect the way you play the game.

Playing with a fresh mind and positive attitude is hugely beneficial, and casino games are about nothing if not having a good time, first and foremost. Consider taking a break, or coming back another day. You could very will hit a major winning streak and be in the best mind-set to take advantage of it, winning back your losses and a whole lot more.

This is Not The Game For Me

And finally, there is the assumption that a game is simply too difficult, or just not the right type of game. There are indeed all types of casino games for players of all kinds, but just because you’re a little down on your luck, it doesn’t mean the game isn’t right for you. Although, of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt to make every effort to get better at a game.

If anything, sticking with a casino game will improve your chances of winning, as you get more accustomed to it and learn the best ways to play.

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