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Ruby Casino Queen gameSource: Microgaming

The glitz and glamour of a high-end casino is now a tap of a button away, thanks to the release of Ruby – Casino Queen. This online casino game is not just about high rollers and risk-takers though; it’s a game designed for the crème-de-la-crème of the society set and you’re on the guest list. Fire up your phone and you’ll be transported to a Monaco-style setting, complete with smooth-as-silk felt-top tables and colourful chips, all without getting off the couch. Even better, while the trip to Monaco might not be real, the winnings are, so you can vie for amazing jackpots that might see you joining the jet set after all.

Taking everything you love about classic online slot games – think intuitive game play, eye-catching colours and an addictive soundtrack for starters – Ruby – Casino Queen adds new features that entice novices and pros alike. From free spins to second tries, there’s a whole host of features standing by to introduce you to the lavish world of high-class casinos. The game is the brainchild of Just for the Win studios and went live on the 12th of June 2019.

A Stylish Setting for Regal Players

Thanks to the splendour of this online casino is closer to the high life of the Monaco monarchs than ever before. The purple velvet backdrop sets the scene, immediately transporting you to a world of high stakes and big jackpots. All eyes are on the reels, where your luck will be tested and fortunes will be made. Diamonds, spades, clubs, hearts, golden 7 symbols and the Ruby Queen flash across and fall in line, making and breaking the hopes of the game’s greatest players. Do you have what it takes to hold your nerve and conquer the casino? Only time will tell!

Climbing the Ranks

Ruby – Casino Queen is a five-reel slot game with three rows and twenty paylines. The latter are read from left to right, so winning is as simple as matching three successive symbols along a single reel. Sounds easy, right? Bets can vary in size, but winnings can be accrued up to 6,411x what you put in, for a maximum jackpot of 3,205.50. Talk about a prize pot fit for a queen, or even the Ruby Queen herself!

Prepare Yourself for a Wild Ride

Ruby – Casino Queen features three distinct wild symbols: the Regular Wild, the Sticky Wild and the Multiplier Sticky Wild. The former is only available in the game’s base mode; they replace any symbol except for the Free Spin icon.

When the Free Spin feature is activated, the Sticky Wild and the Multiplier Sticky Wild come into play. A Multiplier Sticky Wild is automatically placed on Reel 3 and remains there throughout the free game. Further Sticky Wilds may drop into frame and will also remain in place. Get really lucky and you might also land some Multiplier Sticky Wilds; each of these will increase the total of the multiplier by one, up to a maximum of six. This drastically increases the pot on offer and can mean huge winnings, so it’s worth capitalising on your free spins. Hit the jackpot and you’ll be queen for a day!

The Ruby – Casino Queen Shows Her Benevolent Side

The Ruby – Casino Queen is a fair and just ruler and all of her subjects are treated to her benevolence from time to time. In this casino, that means Free Spins and Re-Spins.

If you rack up three consecutive free spin symbols on a reel, you’ll be granted nine free spins, with the third reel becoming a Multiplier Sticky Wild. In this mode, the multiplier will be instantly set to 2x, with the possibility of increasing it up to 6x through the addition of further Multiplier Sticky Wilds. This means you’ll be able to win greater sums of money per payline, without actually spending any of your winnings to date. If you can max out your multiplier and rack up Multiplier Sticky Wilds, you can win up to 2,400x your initial bet. Not bad for a day’s work, right?

It can be frustrating to land two Free Spin symbols, but still be that one short of a bonus. Thankfully, the Ruby – Casino Queen feels your pain and offers players the chance to Re-Spin. This allows you to spin the one non-Free Spin symbol again; if you can land the final icon you need on this turn, your Free Spins will be activated. If not, the game will proceed as normal. You certainly can’t say the Queen isn’t generous with her subjects!

A Casino Coronation

This crowning achievement in online casino play is opening for business, so log in or create an account and get ready to join the royal ranks. Her Majesty is awaiting your arrival!

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