Top 5 Days For Marriage Proposals

A Romantic ProposalSource: Pixabay

All sorts of decisions go into proposing marriage, from the exact words to say when doing so, to when to do it. In fact, the date is usually one of the most difficult things to decide, which is possibly why days like the five mentioned below are so popular for proposals. Another difficult choice is that of the ring, but that is usually motivated by price. Fortunately, if you play online pokies at our casino, you could win enough to buy the biggest rock on the block.

Times like Christmas and New Year’s Eve are special to many people for different reasons. However, the choice of those popular days may have more to do with being able to take time off with your partner, friends, and family – precisely the people with whom you would want to celebrate an engagement. 

5. New Year’s Eve

For many folks, New Year’s Eve is an excuse for drunk and disorderly behaviour. For others, it is the perfect time to propose. Enough people have thought that way for the day to be the fifth most popular.

If you think about it, the choice makes sense. The last day and night of the year is a great time to start saying goodbye to singlehood, and to start embracing a new identity with your partner. If you are thinking of asking someone to marry you on New Year’s Eve, make sure you do it long before the booze starts flowing. It is a moment you will both want to remember, after all.

4. New Year’s Day

We won’t lie. We were surprised to see New Year’s Day ranked as the fourth most popular day on which to propose, considering all the hangovers. Seriously, though, you would need to have a pretty monstrous hangover to not feel buoyed up by a sense of hope for the next 12 months ahead of you. That sense of hope also works really well when asking your beloved to commit themselves to you for the rest of your lives.

3. Christmas Eve

There is often something wonderfully intimate about Christmas Eve. Many people limit their celebrations to smaller family events at which they share a traditional meal and exchange gifts. For many adults, the night still evokes a sense of magic and excitement, as well as some major nostalgia. If you want a day on which a marriage proposal will really tug at the heartstrings, Christmas Eve is it.

2. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been associated with love and romance for centuries. Even the ancient Romans believed that birds chose their mate halfway through February. The day dedicated to romantic love is a natural choice for many people who want to propose. How many? Well, in 2013, the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker report revealed that approximately 6 million proposals were to take place that Valentine’s Day.

1. Christmas Day

According to the UK’s most popular wedding planning website and app, approximately 100,000 people will propose to their partners over the Christmas period. It is highly likely that most of those engagements will happen on Christmas Day itself. The day, which is associated with love, family, and giving gifts, is popular precisely for those reasons. To propose marriage on the day implies that love is a divine gift, that the couple are gifts to one another, and that the marriage will be rooted in traditional values.

Whether you choose one of the 5 most popular days to propose marriage, or you settle on a date that will be uniquely special to you and your beloved, the important thing to remember is that all you need is love.

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