Playing On iOS And Android

When it comes down to the question of whether playing on Android or iOS is different, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. Mobile technology giants Apple and Android are well aware of the war that is constantly raging among their loyal fans.  Both sides are fiery and committed – sticking to their guns and constantly looking to enlarge their territories.  The jokes have become grossly inappropriate – but mostly true; the disciples more fervent than those involved in any mainstream religion.  Choosing a side isn’t debatable; there is no place for indecision.  Luke-warm is spewed out and stomped on, without much ado or conscience to boot.

The More The Merrier

Android is currently ahead in the popularity race as it is currently the world’s most used smart phone operating system, employed by many mobile phone manufacturers.  It’s a small wonder considering that Android’s interface is in many ways more customizable – whichever way you choose to look at it.  This directly affects the overall functionality of the system; creating a more user-friendly environment that that of iOS.

File transfers are much easier to handle on Android than trying to navigate the rigid rules imposed by iOS.  But then again, iOS does have Siri..

The Matter Of Variety

Whenever considering the pros and cons of any device or platform – it always eventually comes down to a singular consideration: variety.  This is especially true when a mobile device is used for gaming.  Players want scope and variety – they are a people driven by choice.

When it comes to mobile casino games, there is also plenty of choice- for both platforms. It is hard to say that there are more casino apps for Apple or Android, but one thing is for sure- initially, real money Android casino apps were ahead of Apple as the iOS posed issues for developers. With this in the past, Apple casino aps have caught up somewhat!


There is no blanket wetter; no party more pooped that that of a game becoming unstable right in the middle of the action going down.   This is probably the one pet peeve shared by all gamers: software instability.

Android’s Gingerbread has the highest total crash rate among Android systems, at 1.7%.  The crash rates for iOS 7.0 and iOS 5 are 2.1% and 2.5%, respectively.  Thus: no comparison here.  Android wins seemingly without trying.

A wide variety of Android devices are available in a wide price range, making Android devices more affordable and accessible.  iOS is only available on Apple devices, and markedly more expensive.

Then again, most players would agree: you can’t put a price tag on true quality.  ‘Tis a war that will be long for the run yet and we can bet that each user would punt their own preferred brand when asked what was best, rather than be able to highlight the differences!

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