2019’s Most Overhyped Video Games

You have to feel a little bad for video game publishers. They really have no idea how good a game will be while it’s still in development. So, hyping a game before it has even been fully pieced together is like playing a massive game of chance. Unlike our amazing casino online video slot games that are of premium quality, some video games truly are lacking.  

These are the video games in 2019 that were massively overhyped, only to land up being moderate to massive disappointments.

Days Gone

Days Gone isn’t a bad game at all, but when promotional material had been declaring it akin to the second coming, obviously players were going to be a little let down.

Days Gone featured pretty good acting and a solid gameplay foundation, but was rough around the edges, and really didn’t attempt anything unique or innovative. At the end of the day, just lower those expectations a touch.

Left Alive

Days Gone got a bad rap. Left Alive, on the other hand, was the sort of slap to the face that is enough to have players throwing up their hands in despair. The game is a follow-up to the Front Mission series of stealth games, which already had a solid fan base. On top of this, the hype train touted that famed designer Yoji Shinkawa was involved, most known for his contributions to Metal Gear Solid.

But, that hype train went flying off the rails and exploded in a fireball upon the game seeing the light of day. Bland, undercooked, and bitterly disappointing was just some of the feedback given by players.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

The first No More Heroes game in a decade? Everyone get on your party hats and clap in anticipation. To be fair, this game was openly declared as a spinoff, aimed at giving fans a bit of fun before the real sequel arrived. Still, this repetitive button masher lacked both the style and tone of the originals.

Jump Force

What if I told you a game was coming out that featured Goku? Excited? How about if I added Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece? You’re doing backflips? Guess what? Naruto is also in there. Your head just exploded from excitement?

Sorry, the game is going down as one of the far more clunky and bland fighters of the year.


We really don’t need to say anything about Anthem. You know the story.

But, you know what? We will say something. This game is the equivalent of a drunken friend stumbling into the bathroom, promising he is going to blow your mind with a magic trick. Then, after five hours of faffing around, the drunk friend repeatedly reassuring you the trick will be epic, he stumbles out of the bathroom, pants around his ankles, falls flat on his face and passes out.

That’s Anthem.


Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 has been in development for a very long time. So, it really does stand to reason that it feels like a title from a very long time ago. At least Terry Crews makes an effort to give his all, which might make you chuckle. Beyond that, who knows what anyone was thinking, hyping this game up?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

A Harry Potter mobile game in the same vein as Pokémon Go? Wow, that sounds pretty cool! You run out of energy points almost immediately, meaning that you’ll be reaching for your wallet before you even know what the game is? Oh, wow. They really understood what made Pokémon Go a success, didn’t they?

Borderlands 3

Hold your horses, we’re not calling Borderlands 3 bad. It is, after all probably exactly what Borderlands fans wanted. Though, that is the problem. Given the tsunami of hype revolving around this game, it just turned out to be fine. No, not bad. Fine.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Like the first two Wolfenstein games, only obviously slashed to pieces, trimmed down, and gutted of most of what made the first entries a smash hit. Hooray!

The Sinking City

Mutter ‘Lovecraftian’ under your breath these days and everyone jumps up and starts hooting in anticipation. To be fair; The Sinking City really does just seem like an overly ambitious effort from a smaller studio. They tried their best.

Rage 2

Remember when Bethesda got in a rock band for E3, seeming to indicate Rage 2 was the most metal thing you’d ever experience in your life? Well, it’s not. Days Gone and Rage 2 have a lot in common. An averagely decent game was overhyped to the moon, and that is a recipe for sadness.

Pathologic 2

Then we have Pathologic 2. Not too many were clamouring for Pathologic 2. But still, given that the game was crowd funded, there must have been more than a few keen on seeing a follow up. Sadly, the team that made the first hasn’t been doing much since then, and it shows.

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