Online Casino Games As A Team

As far as online multiplayer games go, I recently learned that I’m not as good as I assume I am. I’ve been playing video games for a long time, you see, but never really dabbled that much in the online portion of it. As far as single player games go, I like to think I’m pretty good. But, having been born in an era where the Internet was not yet invented, online games sort of fell by the wayside for the most port.

Then, recently, I jumped into a currently very popular online game PUBG, and learned swiftly that online games are not for me. Or, at least, they’re not for me if I enjoy knowing what I’m doing, what I’m supposed to be achieving, and why I’m now dead from something I never saw coming.

The experience disheartened me greatly; giving the sinking feeling that perhaps multiplayer games had passed me by completely. But then something amazing happened. Sitting on the couch one evening playing online casino games, only to have a friend unexpectedly visit, I realised that there is a pseudo online multiplayer game that really is a great deal of fun, although perhaps not specifically designed to be multiplayer.

Roulette As A Multiplayer Game

I happened to be playing roulette at the time the friend visited, and, unconventionally, he decided to watch a few rounds, and throw in a bit of advice. Yes, roulette was never designed to be played in this fashion, and in fact, it probably goes against much of what the game is supposed to do. But it wasn’t long before I realised that roulette as a team game really is a great deal of fun.

My friend and I landed up playing for at least an hour, with each of us trying to devise a good betting strategy on the fly. I won’t say that we cleaned up and made a good sum of cash, but we didn’t do too badly, especially given that there were two pilots trying to fly one plane. In fact, I can’t remember having had more fun with an online casino game.

Poker As A Team Game

Deciding to give another game a try as team activity, we switched over to poker. My friend, it turned out, felt that he was a bit of a whiz as far as poker goes, claiming to have an incredible ability to read what other players are thinking. Even if we were just looking at the avatars of other players, as opposed to their actual faces. Either way, I humoured him, and he took on the role of my advisor in the game, telling me if he thought the other players were bluffing or not.

Again, it turned out to be a great deal of fun, and we both laughed pretty hard on a number of occasions. Specifically when my friend seemed to have rather astutely tuned into the mind of one of the other players. He correctly predicted, almost without fault, when the player was going to fold or bet. It certainly wasn’t the most efficient or smart way to play poker, but definitely was a great deal of fun.

Blackjack As A Team

We moved on to blackjack, and this is where the casino game team playing really started to get entertaining. Given that blackjack is such a focused game, with few options to play with other than hit or stand, the conflict between us was bound to reach boiling point.

But, being the mature men that we are, we decided on a round to round system. I played one had, he played the next. Of course, we both had very different approaches to the game, me being a great deal more cautious, and him taking ridiculous risks. Despite me constantly warning him and cautioning him, he continued to be outrageously aggressive in his play, and somehow kept on managing to win hand after hand. I knew that his reckless play had to land him in hot water at some point, but he somehow kept winning, drawing on what I can only describe as otherworldly luck.

The game turned into a session of seeing just how long his luck would hold out, and it did so for a crazy amount of time. Far longer than I would have dared assume.

Good For Team Play?

Casino games are designed to be social, but not multiplayer. I wouldn’t suggest playing casino games as a group activity in this fashion, but I can’t deny I had a great time, laughing until my stomach hurts. I need not say that we didn’t exactly end the session having filled our pockets with cash, but we did, amazingly, at least come out in the green, with more cash than we started. But even that was due mostly to my friend’s incredible run of good luck at blackjack. I doubt very much he could recreate it. But you never know. Maybe I’ve struck on a new trend. Either way, grab a friend and give it a try, as my last girlfriend says, I seldom like being wrong.

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