Discover Real Roulette with Sarati

Real Roulette with Satari SlotSource: Microgaming

If you were wondering what else the gaming world could serve up after online, mobile, AR, VR, 3D online pokies and live dealer games, you can stop, because the question has been answered! Real Roulette with Sarati, which launched exclusively at our casino on November the 11th, is the perfect blend of the RNG and live dealer gameplay.

The new game uses the state of the art technology to produce results, and it also features the charms of the delightful Sarati, the captivating blonde dealer who is always ready to offer you a VIP gaming experience. Make no mistake, Sarati is a real person, but there is more to the game powered by Microgaming and its partner Real Dealer Studios than meets the eye.

Keep reading to find out all about the game that goes live for all operators on 31 December.

Versatile European Roulette

If you do not activate any features when you play Real Roulette with Sarati, the game you will enjoy is the classic European version. This basically means that the wheel has a single 0 pocket, and that the betting options are limited to the traditional inside and outside bets.

To play, you’ll need to predict where you think the ball will land on the wheel once it has stopped spinning, and you can place bets as low as 0.25, and as much as 125.00 per turn. The game has a low volatility, which means you should see fairly frequent wins.

The RTP is a healthy 97.30%, and the hit rate is a juicy 48.65%. This is especially tempting when you consider that it offers a top payout of 64,500.00! What’s more, you can increase the number of betting options, and find other ways to enhance your game, by using the various special features.

Great Special Features

When deciding how to bet, many players use statistics to find out which numbers are hot or cold. If you enjoy using such trends, you will be glad to know that Real Roulette with Sarati has a Statistics feature. You can use it to find not only hot and cold numbers, but hit percentages for colours, odd/even, and other categories.

Another exciting feature offered by the game is Racetrack Bets. This changes the view of the track from the standard one to an oval one. Not only is the shape different, it also offers additional bets. You also can find additional betting options by selecting the Special Bets feature. Among the extra options it offers are orphelins and voisins du zero, as well as 007, random 7, and red/black splits.

You are not expected to toggle from feature to feature when playing Real Roulette with Sarati. The Favourite Bets feature lets you save up to 6 different options, which you then can place at the touch of a button.

How the Game Works

Real Roulette with Sarati uses a novel concept that players are sure to love. All the results are produced by RNG’s, even though you can see traditional equipment in the studio that looks like a VIP salon.

The scenes featuring Sarati are a slick production that requires the work of an actress, a director, and a whole post-production crew. They are integrated seamlessly with the game as you play, thanks to the powerful gaming engine that drives it all.

The software also ensures that the game loads quickly when you play, that it is compatible with Android, iOS, and other mobile devices, and that the audio and video is of the highest quality.

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