Modern Versus Old Casinos

Modern casinos are pretty fancy. We have online casinos now, of course, which redefine the term ‘convenient’. A person can literally take a little Star Trek device out of their pockets, and be playing casino games inside of a minute. Have you ever stopped to think about how astonishing that is, and just how utterly extraordinary mobile devices are? Forget just talking to one another, and seeing each other’s faces in real time on a portable device, we can use that device to play slot games, and earn real money doing it.

But it helps, I find, to go back and remember how the casinos of old used to operate, and compare it to modern casinos for a bit of perspective. And if it wasn’t already obvious, real world casinos have come an extraordinary long way from their roots. Yes, the concept is still the same, people walk in, play casino games, and leave, but the fine details of the experience have certainly changes.

Roulette Wheel Evolution

The roulette wheel is perhaps one of the most controversial devices in the casino world. In the online world, it’s virtually impossible to try and analyse the motion of the wheel, and gain some sort of advantage. But in the real world the wheel is a physical device, and there are no end to the number of people who claim an advantage can be gained by studying the wheel. There are computer programmes, roulette wheel whisperers, and others, who are obsessed with the device.

Of course, to ensure fairness, and discourage fraudsters, modern roulette wheels are works of insane complexity. There are so many rules and regulations that a modern roulette wheel can all but be called an engineering masterpiece. The dimensions must be precise, mechanical parts meet insanely detailed rules, and the electronic motor even be varying in it’s speed. Yes, that’s right, a modern roulette wheel changes its speed, perceptibly, when the ball is tossed into it. Take that, roulette wheel whisperers.

Do you know how the first roulette wheels worked? A guy spun the wheel, and tossed a ball in. A much more pure experience, you may say, but also one that was a great deal less regulated. Plus, roulette wheels of old were known to often have imperfections, giving an unintentional bias to certain numbers on the wheel. The wood sometimes warped, tables were not level, and you can bet players took advantage. Of course, once catching on to what was happening, the casino owner was forced to try and recapture losses due to wheel imperfection, and you can bet that wasn’t easy. Which bring us to…

Casino Security

Modern casino security, both online and real world, is astonishingly tight, often surpassing the security found at banks. There are dozens of cameras, and a trained team of operatives in a real world casino, and online casinos can very much be said to be uncrackable. But, modern casino security is as subtle as it is impenetrable. Casinos prefer to allow patrons to not feel watched, and so the security is kept invisible.

Now, back in the old days casino security was a pretty big issue, and things tended to turn ugly pretty quickly, and pretty regularly. Given that there is so much money flying around, you can bet that bandits of old tried their luck, and likewise unscrupulous patrons. And I’m guessing you already know how old school casino security was done. Yes, many people were shot, especially in the old west.

Since gambling was so poorly regulated in the old West, cheating was widespread, and so common that it was pretty much a daily affair. This led to many fights breaking out in old casinos, which often ended in someone getting shot. Interestingly, casino security in the old West often chose to let the dispute play itself out, as opposed to intercepting. So, stepping over dead bodies was likely to have happened on a fairly regular basis.

Holding The House Accountable

In modern times casinos, both online and real world, are licensed, which means that they operate according to the law. And you can bet that casinos also come under a great deal of scrutiny. A modern casino’s reputation is everything, after all, and there is certainly no room for any cheating to be done, lest the establishment lose its license very quickly.

Again, lack of regulation meant that casinos of old were not so honest, and tried to pull fast ones. The old west, once again, had a reputation for fly by night casino owners, who set up casinos, raked in as much cash as possible, and avoided paying out jackpots. It was not uncommon for a casino owner to promise to pay out a jackpot to a patron the following day, only to be gone in the morning, never to be hear from again. Imagine a modern casino trying something similar, and realise that casinos sure have come a long way.

I, for one, do wish I could still wear a six-shooter into a modern casino. Just as a fashion accessory. But I guess I’ll have to live out that fantasy when playing online…

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