The Many Advantages of Table Games

Compared to the breakneck action of Instant-Win Games like Slots and Keno, Table Games are quite a different animal. There’s a place for both at all casinos, but Table Games deserve their own moment of appreciation. We’re giving it to them right now!

Skills- and Strategy-Based Playing

Unlike Instant-Win Games, Table Games require thought, understanding and careful planning. The more you play, the more insight you gain and the better you can do. As you develop your acumen, you are commensurably rewarded and it just makes sense. Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and other Table Games are also perfect entertainment when you feel like winning, but also like using your brain!

Linger Longer 

Because Table Games are not as immediate in nature as Instant-Win Games, you’ll spend more time playing the same amount of rounds. Playing like this gives you more of a chance to actually appreciate and understand the games, and you’ll probably end up betting less and managing your bankroll a little better too.

A Lower House Edge

The House Edge in Table Games can get down to less than 1%, while for Slots and Keno it sits anywhere between 11% and 25%. The advantage to you as a player should seem obvious here!

The Online Advantage

All the benefits to Table Games that we’ve mentioned apply to both online and offline games, but there are a few factors that you’ll only get to appreciate if you’re playing online at somewhere like Mummys Gold.

First of all, Table Games have always been considered glamourous and sophisticated, and rightly so. You can still enjoy all of that online, but you can also play in your pyjamas if you are so inclined! And, of course, you can play whenever and wherever too, so that the games blend in perfectly with the rest of your busy lifestyle.

You can also apply any tricks or tactics you learn as soon as you learn them when you play online, and you don’t have to deal with any maddening crowds. Live Dealer and Live Chat options allow you to be as sociable or as quiet as you feel like being, and if you’re nervous about playing, it’s much less anxiety-provoking to do it sitting by yourself.

The atmosphere of an authentic casino is something everyone should experience, but online casinos have their own time and place too. Lucky players get to enjoy both!

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