How To Make People Like You Immediately

Tricks for making friendsSource: Unsplash

Friendship, and what leads to it, is one of the big mysteries of humanity. It develops between some people as they discover shared interests or a similar outlook, while between others it seems almost instinctual. Even so, there are a few psychological tricks you can use to make people like you almost immediately.

Knowing what those tricks are, why they work and how to use them can be immensely beneficial. They’re sure to improve your chances of reaping the rewards of friendship; much like strategies can improve your winning chances when playing via your mobile at Mummys Gold Casino.

If you want to befriend someone in particular, or if you want to improve your existing relationships, take a closer look at 11 such psychological tricks. Then, develop a strategy you can use in your situation.

Send Out Good Vibes

People are more inclined to like you if your very presence makes them feel good, and one way to do this is to send out good vibes by being in a good mood.  According to research by the universities of Hawaii and Ohio, people are unconsciously aware of others’ emotions. So, if you are going to be emotionally contagious, let it be in a good way!

Be a Mirror

A 1999 study by the University of New York demonstrated what researchers called the Chameleon Effect. Basically, subtly copying another person’s behaviour such as their body language, something known as mirroring, will prompt them to like you just that much more.

Pay Compliments

Paying people compliments, and saying complimentary things about others when they are not around, is another psychological trick that can make people like you. Be careful, though, because too many compliments can seem like nothing more than insincere flattery.

According to Happiness Project author Gretchen Rubin, the way in which you describe other people can – and does – influence the way in which you yourself are seen.

Smile, Darn Ya, Smile

Research has proved that people are more responsive to those who smile. One study asked almost 100 women to examine 4 different photos of the same woman. The photo that came out tops was the one in which she was smiling. Remember that, and, as the old Merrie Melodies cartoon song goes, ‘Smile, darn ya, smile!’

Having fun builds friendshipsSource: Unsplash

Admit You Aren’t Perfect

Another trick you can use to make people like you is to make yourself vulnerable – let them know you are not perfect by occasionally letting them see your flaws. Doing so will not make you seem like an incompetent victim. Rather, it lets people know that they can relate to you and that you are not perfect, but perfectly human instead.

Be Part of the Furniture

Human beings are creatures of habit – we like the familiar. Spending more time around someone is a great way to get them to like you more. However, it needs to be as natural as possible. They simply need to be exposed to your charming self, and they will start liking you more.

Find Common Ground

Like attracts like, so if you want someone to like you, draw attention to your commonalities, such as interests or values that you share. Obviously, those points of similarity need to be genuine on your part or you may find yourself playing a role you cannot fulfil down the line.

Have a Good Sense of Humour

Whether you are watching a dating game show, or listening to a celebrity being interviewed about their love life, you will probably hear the ideal partner being described as needing to have a good sense of humour. Studies conducted by the universities of Illinois State and California State (Los Angeles) found that, whether the topic was friendship or romance, a sense of humour is one of the most important qualities.

Display Warmth

If you come across as a warm, friendly person who is not out to prove that anything someone else can do, you can do better, people are more likely to trust you. If you can also show that you are competent at what you do, you also are likely to be respected.

Touch Them Casually

The lightest, most casual touches can make someone like you. Most people crave physical contact, which is why hugging services are a thing in this day and age. Even a brief, gentle interpersonal touch is enough to get someone to warm up toward you. Obviously, we are not talking about grabbing anyone Trump-style.

Share a Secret

The last psychological trick you can use to make someone like you is to tell them a secret about yourself. A Stony Brook University study revealed that, if someone learns intimate information about another person, they usually feel closer to the person who shared the secret. What’s more, there is a good chance they will want to confide in that person.

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