Macau – Bigger Than Vegas

Macau, world capital of gamblingSource: Pixabay

For the longest time Las Vegas was the dominant force in gaming. It was deemed the ultimate gambling location, dubbed “Sin City” because of its propensity for utter debauchery. But as the years have rolled on and competition has gotten fiercer, Las Vegas has been forced to hand the baton over.  Macau is now the most profitable gambling city in the world. Dubbed the “Gambling capital of the world” and the “Monte Carlo of the East”, many now flock to this opulent bastion of betting and hopefully winning. Even one of modern gambling’s true mascots, James Bond, went there in 2012’s Skyfall.

China’s laws forbid fun pastimes like casino online gaming and the same applies to any mobile casino games you can play on your smartphone. It’s rather ironic when you consider that not only are the best phones assembled in China, but that China itself also makes some of the best smartphones in the world. Digital gaming and politics aside, when it comes to land-based casino gaming, Macau is number one with annual revenues averaging at $24 billion! 

38 Casinos In Total!

If you’re going to make your way to the gambling capital of the world and put it all on red, then you’ll want to know where you can do that, and with good reason! At a mere 115.3 km² Macau has a staggering total of 38 casinos. Even to the most seasoned gaming traveller, those numbers can make a head spin. So, if you’re heading out that way then you’ll want to stick to the big hotel and casino chains and those, in no order of appeal, because they are ALL appealing, are the Venetian Casino Resort, the City of Dreams Macau, the Sands Macau, the Wynn Macau and the Grand Lisboa Macau.

Inside the Monte Carlo of the EastSource: Pixabay

Of this lot, the Venetian is by far the biggest, not just in Macau, but the world. Three thousand hotel rooms, replicated Italian streets, actual canals and a premier shopping mall make this one of the most indulgent places to enter into.  If you prefer to say “double or nothing” in more stylish surroundings, then the City of Dreams is going to satisfy your gaming palate. Michelin-starred restaurants and a reputation for nothing but high-rollers has come to define this palace of play.

For the more easy-going patron, there’s the Sands Macau, known for its more down-to-earth atmosphere and minimum bets that won’t cause a feather to flutter out of your wallet when you open it at the end of the night. Free drinks and regular live bands don’t hurt either. Another high-roller venue would be the Wynn Macau. If you like your bets big and your venues less crowded, due purely to size, then the Wynn is where you should begin. For the more ardent player, the Grand Lisboa Macau is where it’s at. This venue is more player-focused and thus forgoes the mega glitz its peers hold on to while making gambling the big deal.

There’s More To Macau Than Hoping For A Made Hand

Gambling is the biggest attraction of Macau, but that’s not to say that that’s all there is to do there. Get a glimpse of its colonial past when you visit the ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral or walk the walls of Mount Fortress, erected in the 17th century by Jesuit priests. The tile work of the Municipal Affairs Bureau is also something to behold. Built in 1784, the building to this day retains its Portuguese ceramic artwork. Senado Square is just opposite the Municipal Affairs Bureau and is quite something to walk through and take in. Colonial buildings and a beautifully paved mosaic road make it something for the eye and history buffs alike.

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