Live Casino System Requirements

My personal time in a live casino was an anxious experience. I couldn’t relax, since I thought that, somehow, the stunningly attractive Brazilian croupier lady was always looking, and talking, directly at me. I was well aware that there were likely dozens, if not hundreds, of other people watching the stream, but still couldn’t shake the feeling that Christine and I were in a room alone together. ‘What if she sees me make a stupid bet?’ I kept thinking to myself. That would certainly ruin the chances of our inevitable marriage, 2.5 kids, and quaint seaside cottage together.

Sadly, Christine the live roulette croupier and I never did marry. Or see each other beyond those forty minutes I played live roulette. Well, she wasn’t seeing me at all, she was probably looking at a screen that had a list of names, and a feed that let her know which bets were being placed. How I miss you, Christine.

Jokes aside, live casinos are a thoroughly immersive and entertaining way to play casino games online. It may seem like a small thing, having a live croupier, but the impact is massive. I’ve spent a good deal of time playing standard online roulette, the kind that uses a random number generator, and can say that I prefer the live dealer option by a mile. And no, it’s not just because all the croupiers happen to be gorgeous, it’s that the game somehow feels a great deal more professional.

The problem with live casinos, however, is the requirements needed in order make them function correctly.

Internet Speed Requirements

The live casino headache is not that a powerful PC is required in order to view a live casino. In fact, a live casino will run on just about any semi-modern laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. The headache is the internet speed required to stream a live casino effectively. To be clear about this, you can stream a live casino on an old laptop, as long as that laptop has access to a fast internet connection.

And on the subject of being clear about things, a live-streamed video is not the same as a YouTube video. YouTube will allow you to download a high quality video as is required, meaning that the information transferred is a static file. A live-streamed video is a constant transfer of massive amounts of information. In other words, just because you watch high quality YouTube videos, it does not mean you are able to stream live feeds.

Talking Numbers

But, let’s talk specific numbers here. It is recommended that youR internet connection be capable of downloading 450 kbps – that’s kilobytes per second – in order to watch a low quality live stream. That’s nearly half a megabyte a second, for those who understand megabytes as apposed to kilobytes. Yes, it’s a pretty significant requirement for the low quality version of the stream. At this quality you may still be able to tell what’s going on, but it isn’t what one would be able to call an optimal experience. It might be something like watching a movie through a pair of goggles smeared with Vaseline.

For the medium quality live stream, the recommended download speed is 750 kbps, and the high definition stream requires a 1Mpbs download speed, or one megabyte per second. That’s megabyte, not megabit. If you’re unsure about your own internet connection speed, there are free online speed tests available.

In summary that’s;

  • 450kbps – Low Quality Stream
  • 750kpbs – Medium Quality Stream
  • 1Mbps – High Definition Stream

Other requirements

Other than the above mentioned broadband internet connection, a live stream will load automatically in any standard browser, upon being opened. That’s Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or whatever other browser you have. Also be sure to have your browser updated to the latest version. If you experience any problems, try downloading Flash to your computer, which is a free browser plug-in, although this should already be present if your browser is up to date.

That is all that is needed; you are now ready to head online and try you luck at live casino games. But hands off Christine, her and I are still bound to get married eventually.

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