James Bond and His Love For Baccarat

James Bond has had a long association with the game of Baccarat. For fans of the recent Bond films this may come as a surprise, as in the modern films the game of Baccarat was replaced with Texas Hold’em as at the time of the movies’ release, Texas Hold’em had a massive surge in popularity.

Fans of the original book series will know that Bond’s favourite casino game is in fact Baccarat. There are a few land based casino variants and many online variants on the basic Baccarat game, but they all feature the same basic foundation.

Dress For Success

Baccarat has always had an air of sophistication surrounding it. This is more than likely why Bond favoured it above all other casino games. To sit down at a Baccarat table you will need to be well dressed, and just a little bit suave.

Because of this the Baccarat table tends to attract the beautiful people with a love for the finer things in life. Bond has never had any problems mixing with high society so this environments suit him to a T.

A Relaxed, Dignified Approach

Baccarat is a much more relaxed game compared to other card or table games. With its basic game play you essentially just sit back and wager.

There is not such a large emphasis on strategic play like blackjack and there is no bluffing or trickery as with for instance poker. It is simply you and the banker squaring off. James bond has always been a lone wolf so this suits him just fine.

High Risk and High Reward

To play Baccarat like James Bond you need a high bankroll. As he says in the films, “I like to live dangerously”.

Because the payout ratio in Baccarat is not as high as other casino games there is a large emphasis on high risk, high reward playing. If you do not have the bankroll to support this play style, it may be best to stick to slots.

Get Ready To Play

Baccarat can be played as an RNG online casino game or as a real time live dealer game. Which one is best comes down to your budget and playing preferences.

Live dealer Baccarat however offers an authentic gaming experience that’s tantamount to being in a land based casino, so it’s the ideal way to play, regardless of whether you are a casual player looking for some fun, or the man with the licence to kill.

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