Introducing Lara Croft®: Temples and TombsTM

Lara Croft has a brand new adventure in store! The iconic star of the Tomb Raider video game series – not to mention three movies, an animated series and a comic book – is now taking on the Temple and Tomb of the Golden Scarab Jackpot and you can go along for the ride.

You need to help Lara Croft unearth the treasure of the Temple and Tomb of the Golden Scarab Jackpot, but it won’t be easy! Two fearsome deities, Set and Sobek, guard their loot, so you’ll need luck and skill to get your hands on the incredible winnings. Solve the fiendishly clever puzzles and the treasure will be yours. Are you ready for adventure?

This is the third slot machine game based around the intrepid Lara Croft, who made her debut on the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1996. The game is produced by Triple Edge Studios and is expected to go live on 8 May 2019.

Reel Fun

Discover the adventure of the Tomb Raider world with this pulse-pounding five-reel video slot machine. The game features a fast-paced rolling reels dynamic, which captures the high-octane spirit of the Tomb Raider series. When you win a match, the symbols dissolve and new ones fall in from above, giving you the chance to rack up killer combos in the base game. This classic Microgaming concept works in combination with the Multiplier and Free Spin features.

Even better, Lara Croft®: Temples and TombsTM is based on the 243 ways method: this means that, rather than betting on a single line, you have 243 ways to win. In this way, betting less can still mean winning more and helping Lara to advance on her quest to nab the Golden Scarab jackpot is simpler than it’s ever been before.

Multiplier Madness

The game also features massive multipliers that increase the player’s chance of big winnings! Each consecutive win leads to an increase in the multiplier, with combos quickly racking up. The multiplier can eventually reach up to 5x so, with luck on your side, you could have your hands on the mythical bounty in no time.

The Multiplier can also be used with the Free Spin mode. In this case, the Multiplier Trail is 3x larger, which means your free play can go even further, with a maximum multiplier of 15x. Coupled with the Rolling Reels feature – which makes consecutive wins easier than ever – the Multiplier helps you to get the most out of the game.

Making the Most of Free Spins

Hard work should be rewarded, and the free spins bonus is the reward every player hopes for. Strike three free spin symbols and you’ll be granted 8 free spins per way. That means that your casino balance will stay exactly as it is, but you’ll have the chance to add more money to the kitty. The free spin symbols can also be substituted by wilds, so you can take advantage of this consequence-free spin of the wheel.

The rolling reels, which make it easier to win consecutive free spins, and increased multipliers complement this feature perfectly. With a stroke of luck, the player can rack up multiple free spins in a row, with the multiplier growing with each consecutive victory. Free spins can be triggered up to 48 times. This, coupled with the multiplier’s increased capacity in this mode, ensures a maximum chance of making your way to the coveted jackpot (and getting Lara one step closer to the heart of the Temple and Tomb of the Golden Scarab Jackpot.

Lara CroftSource: Microgaming

Wild Winnings

The ultimate goal, however, is the Golden Scarab jackpot. To get there, Lara and you will need to be strategic, smart and hold your nerve, but the rewards are truly worth the effort. The game features three jackpot types: Minor, Major and Grand. Win the first to multiply your bet by 15, or the second to take away 100x what you put in. The Grand jackpot, however, is the dream of any bona fide Tomb Raider – if luck is on your side, you could be walking away with 5000x your bet!

Thanks to the combination of rolling reels, free spins and the multiplier trail, it could be closer than you think.

Get Ready to Raid

Once you’re familiar with the fun to be had, all that’s left to do is get playing. Log in or create an account and you could be exploring the thrilling temple and tomb in no time. When it comes to playing at the online casino, Ireland’s prospects just got a whole lot more exciting now that Lara Croft is back in action!

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