Interesting Trivia and Fun Facts about Thor

Hero of the ever popular Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II (and many other slots games) Thor is an online gaming legend! He originates from Asgard in Norse mythology, is portrayed as a Marvel Avengers superhero in the comic world and is one of the best-loved characters of all time.

There are many online slots based on, or featuring, Thor as a Norse God or an Avenger. Either way he is one of the best heroes one can find on online slot reels. As well known as he is, his incredibly long and fruitful history is filled with interesting trivia and fun facts that you may not yet know. Read on to become more familiar with Thor, son of Odin, with these fun facts from Mummys Gold.

Frog- Prince

There was once a time that Thor spent being a frog. This was Loki’s doing but in that time Thor was as heroic as ever and fought in a war between the rats and frogs of Central Park. When he returned to Asgard he left a small piece of Mjolnir, his hammer, with his frog buddy who became a small version of him.


There was another time when the character of Thor was replaced by a female. He was resurrected in a Marvel comic and spent almost a year as a female version of himself before it was revealed that his female self was in fact rather Jane Forster, his human girlfriend.

If you are confused as to why Thor was resurrected when he is considered to be immortal, it is because Asgardians are in fact not born immortal. They rather gain their youth and immortality from eating the magical Golden Apples from Idunn.

Hammer the Point Home

Mjolnir, his strong hammer, is a powerful tool that is said to make whoever holds it worthy of ruling over Asgard and possessing the power of Thor. The hammer is heavy and many have been unable to hold it but there have however been a few surprising characters that have managed. These include Jane Forster, Captain America, the Hulk, Conan the Barbarian, Beta Ray Billy and more.

Mjolnir also has the power to raise the dead and is in fact the reason Thor can fly. Flight may appear to be an ability Thor possesses but without Mjolnir he cannot fly. This is why he is seen holding the hammer out in front of him while in flight.

These fun facts should inspire you to give the reels of Thunderstruck a spin, or play any other slots game in which this legendary superhero makes an appearance!

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