Identifying the Best Types of Online Slots

Identifying the Best Types of Online SlotsOnline casinos like Mummys Gold are a paradise for online slot fans. There is a mind-blowing number of titles with all sorts of themes and features that stray from the traditional slot machines.

Of the vast variety of online slots to choose from, there are those that fit into certain categories when it comes to the types. Even though they ultimately all provide the same goal of winning big by landing the correct winning combination, they each differ in many ways.

If you are looking to get the best reward from an online slot that goes above and beyond the payouts then learn to differentiate between the different types of online slots and what they offer.

Online Slot Game Categories

Online slot games typically fall into classic slots, five reel video slots and progressive slots and so on but when you are looking for the perfect slot game to play that will not only match your personality and provide the most fun with the best pay outs, you have a number of things to look at.

When categorising an online slot, consider the theme, the number of pay lines or reels, whether it offers a progressive jackpot or a regular jackpot and what bonus features it has.

Choosing a Slot for its Theme

When it comes to the theme of an online slot you may be transported into an exciting virtual world of adventure and intrigue. Gone are the days of simply spinning the reels and hoping for winning combinations to land.

Some classic style slots stick to the traditional bars, stars, stripes and fruit symbols and focus less on themes and bonuses but the more modern types of online slots consist of basically anything a developer can think of.

Themes range from famous films, television series, novels and characters to ancient civilisations, sporting events, animals, food and more. Some have cartoonlike graphics while others have photorealistic images and video clips.

Everything from background images and symbols to sound effects and bonus games are elaborately designed to fit the theme.

Considering Reels and Paylines 

Online slots typically include three reels or five reels. Three reel slots are mostly classics with as little as one to five paylines. They will hardly ever have special symbols unless a wild or scatter is present but they do focus on payouts which tend to come around more often than not.

Five reel slots on the other hand have multiple pay lines including selectable ones, fixed ones and ways to win. Paylines tend to run any way from left to right giving players more ways to land winning combinations.

Progressive and Regular Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are enticing as they amount to huge sums of money and are literally won at random unless a specific symbol combination is needed. They are not offered on all online games but those that do have one also have regular jackpots.

Regular jackpots are probably easier to win but you do have to land a certain symbol combination and generally have the maximum bet in play. The amount only changes with the size of the bet unlike progressive jackpots that continue to grow across a network until it is won.

Playing Slots for Bonus Features

The classic style online slots are quite simple to play with little to no bonus features. The bonus features are found on modern five reel online slots and include free spins, random prizes and interactive games.

Bonus games can offer additional ways to win and give you some added excitement to the game play.

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