How Dice Can Be Rigged To Cheat

Have you ever seen an official at a casino carefully inspecting dice, often with little gadgets and gizmos? Yes, it’s to ensure that the casino dice are not switched out with loaded dice. I’ve never actually seen what happens if the casino does find loaded dice, but imagine it probably involves gates clanking down over all the exits, and sirens wailing blue murder.

Naturally, as a person fascinated with the extents people will go in order to cheat, I decided to find out exactly how physical real world dice are rigged. My initial impression was that it would be difficult to find such information, being that pretty much the only purpose of loaded dice is to cheat casinos. Imagine my surprise when I found a Wikihow article that gave explicit, extremely detailed information on how to rig dice.

Sometimes I honestly wonder how the human race is still functioning with the Internet so widely available.

Dice Rigging Conundrums

So, you want a dice that is more in our favour, thereby thumbing your nose at the greedy casinos, and making yourself an almost guaranteed winner? Good, so do I. After all, who has an ounce of sympathy for casinos and their sneaky ways, offering casino games to sensitive, decision-making human beings? Not me, pass the damn loaded dice already.

Good, now that we’ve got that out of the way; before I explain how to rig dice, let’s not forget the man I mentioned earlier with the gadgets and gizmos. We have to fool him, if we’re going to make the most of our devious dice.

Loaded dice are extremely easy to spot, and not because they appear physically different, assuming you’ve done a good job of rigging them. Loaded dice are easy to spot because they, as is intended, often come up in favour of the player. This gets suspicious after about the third time, and more or less puts up enormous red flags after about the fifth time.

Therefore, using loaded dice requires that they be switched back and forth with the real dice often, and that makes the prospect of using them so difficult, you might as well just pull a gun and rob the place.

Dice Rigging Methods

There are a number of ways to rig dice, but lets start with the most commonly used. First, get a drill and drill out a little black pip on the side of the dice you want to land face down. Now, place a little lead pellet into the whole. Cover the whole with glue, fill it in with white out, and finally, reapply the pip, which can be done with a simple black permanent marker. Well done, you have now rigged a dice to cheat.

Another method is to melt the dice, which shifts the weight down towards one side. Obviously, the side you want to be at the bottom. Very simple, stick your dice on a baking tray, toss them in the oven, and try desperately to take them out before they melt too much. If I’m honest, this method sounds like you’ll be going through a lot of dice before you finally get it right.

There are a great deal more complicated and in-depth ways of rigging dice, but all more or less involve making holes, putting in weights, and covering up the sneakiness. If you’re really interested, you can find tutorials online. But, let’s get to the part I think is most important.

Sleight Of Hand

To be thorough in my research, I attempted to switch out dice without it being obvious to onlookers. Here is my report on the learning process; it’s really, really difficult.

Keep in mind that it is not two dice you have to manoeuvre in the switching process, but four. Four small, hard plastic objects, all of which love to go flying out of your hands and clattering across the floor. Sleeves help, but once the little guys have gone up their, they love to come sliding back out at the most inopportune of moments.

A technique that I almost got the hang of was palming the dice, instead of stashing them. Meaning; keeping the dice held carefully in your palm, using the natural creases in your hand. This was easier, but did require that the dice be slipped into a pocket at some point, to avoid detection. I am clearly never going to be a magician, because slipping dice into a pocket is just about the most obvious movement a person can perform, especially when trying to not be seen doing it.

In Conclusion

Making rigged dice is fairly easy, and just about anyone can do it that has enough time on their hands, and nothing better to do. Using them, however, in places where highly trained people are standing around, who’s entire job it is to spot you doing it, is genuinely close to futile, and really, you should remember that sooner or later, cheaters always get caught!

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