Getting Better At Online Roulette

Roulette is a universally loved game, and virtually anyone can pick it up and start playing in just moments of time. The concept is simple; a pocketed wheel is going to spin, and a white ball is going to be dropped into it. In which pocket will the white ball land up?

It’s easy to grasp, and fun to participate in, which is probably what makes the game so popular in the first place. If wanting to jump right in, roulette has you covered. The numbered pockets are all coloured red or black, and many simply like to go for this betting option. It’s a reasonable 48% chance of winning, and that is pretty good as far as gambling games go. A person can get far doing nothing but betting red or black.

There are, however, far more in-depth and complicated betting strategies that will put a person’s chances of winning at well beyond 48%. It isn’t, though, as easy as just going for red or black, and can take a bit of thought and concentration. But this only adds to the fun that can be had with the game of roulette. Let’s take a look.

The Betting Table

Upon first looking at a roulette betting table a newcomer could get intimidated. What are all these squares and words and numbers, and how exactly do they all work? How do all these squares and patterns relate to a white ball landing in a pocketed wheel?

The obvious thing to do is try and predict the exact pocket the ball will land in, which will indeed grant enormous payouts, if guessed correctly. But, of course, this type of straight up bet also happens to be rather unlikely. Rather, a person should spread bets around and cover as many options as possible, without exceeding too much what can be won if a single option is a success. The roulette betting table is designed to allow players to cover as many betting options as desired, in as easy to understand as fashion as possible

The first 12, second 12, and third 12 betting options are exactly as they sound. A player can bet on a third of the possible numbers, in one simple bet. One of these betting options is best used with another bet, however, as a sort of buffer. If betting on the first 12, and a single lucky number, an interesting betting situation is created. If the lucky number bet fails, which it likely will, the first 12 bet may still succeed, covering the expenses of the bet. Combinations of this kind are where roulette really starts to get interesting.

Bet Combinations

A popular betting combination is to place money on red or black, on the first, second, or third 12, and a single lucky number. This is good coverage of the table, plus a chance at getting a large win with the lucky number. If hitting the 12, but not either of the other bets, costs should still be covered. If hitting the red or black bet, but not the others, some money should be won back, mostly covering the bet. If, however, the 12 and red or black are hit, it should be a decent profit. Ultimately, the lucky number will be hit, which should put the player well ahead in terms of profits.

A player can, however, create any betting combination they desire. This is what makes roulette interesting, and a system that can be largely experimented with. New players are encouraged to try out different combinations, and see what works best.

Remember, many online casinos offer roulette games that may be played for virtual currency, so not costing a cent. Be sure to use such demo play roulette games to work out betting combinations without the risk of losing any real money. This is a highly recommended option for new players to get better at the game. Your favourite online casino will almost certainly have a roulette game with demo mode available.

Strategies And Guides

But perhaps you don’t have the time to go about experimenting and learning your own betting combinations. Don’t worry, there are dozens of free strategy guides available online. Such guides will give directions on how bets should be placed, and how they should be adjusted as the game progresses. Following such guides is easy, and will generally give good results. A good player will, however, understand the intention of the guide, as opposed to simply following it. This is key to getting ultimately better at the game.

Adopt a strategy guide, use it for a while, and see what sort of results it gives. Remember; there is no such thing as a perfect guide. Losses are certain at some point when playing a game like roulette. The trick is as to how the guide helps you recover those losses, and make a profit in the end.

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