Get To Grips With Fixed Payline Slots

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If you are wondering what fixed paylines in slots refer to, Mummys Gold Casino is here to help! We’re broken down the basics as to what this term means, how it affects your game play, and how you can make it work for you!

What Are Fixed Payline Slots?

Fixed payline slots differ from other slots in that it isn’t possible to make any changes to the number of paylines that you want to place a bet on.  The paylines are fixed – all of them remaining active at all times.  What this means for the player is that a bet must be placed on each payline.  At first glance this may seem to be an idea that will have you out of pocket sooner rather than later, but on closer inspection you will realize that this is in fact not the case.

There are quite a number of perks associated with fixed payline slots.  Perks that you don’t get to enjoy when playing on ordinary slots.

Playing For Maximum Results

To all those still feeling doubtful about the fixed paylines concept, consider this:  a large selection of slots (in fact, almost all slots) require players to play at maximum bet – with all paylines activated – in order to come into the running for bonus rounds in the first place.  If you’re a lover of slot games then chances are that you have at some point regretted not wagering just that little bit extra.

All of that I “should have” after the fact regrets are smoothly sidestepped by fixed payline slots because playing at maximum capacity is the only option.

Substantial Payouts

Fixed payline slots are all about rewarding the player willing to play at maximum bet.  The bonuses and overall payouts are generally much larger than playing at maximum bet on a slot not classified as a fixed payline slot.

Large payouts are usually made possible by a variety of stacked slot symbols as well as expanding wild symbols.  Nothing quite beats the excitement of the rush when you see that wild expanding to cover the entire reel!

Practice Runs Are Possible

Much like ordinary slot games, fixed payline slots mostly include a demo play mode as well.  This means that there is no need for a leap of faith, but instead, players are able to access the games on offer without having to wager any real money at first.  Games may be played in fun mode, this is very useful when just starting out or wanting to become familiar with a new game.

What’s more is that fixed payline slots are a relatively new concept, and as such comprise of only the best bonuses and features that the industry has to offer.

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