Five Casinos On My Bucket List

As you get older you start doing bizarre things, like making bucket lists. Gosh, you think to yourself, I technically only have about forty years of life left, And, if we’re being honest, I spent the first twenty either crawling around making baby noises, or otherwise just being a hormonal teenager. Point being, I better start getting busy living, and taking advantage of these remaining years.

So I recently made a bucket list of casinos I’d like to visit. Will I ever get round to visiting all of them? Perhaps not. But, it certainly doesn’t hurt to at least read about them, and give me a reason to one day sell everything, or bet it all on black and set off on a casino exploring adventure. And since it would be a midlife crisis, I guess I’d also have to buy a sports car, and find a woman half my age that won’t run off with my money the first chance she gets.

Here are five of some of the strangest casinos you can find around the world, and the one’s I’d really like to visit…

Desert Cave Hotel And Casino

Desert Cave Hotel And CasinoSource: Absurdity is Nothing

The Desert Cave Hotel And Casino can be found in Australia. What makes it unusual? Very simply because most other casinos like to be as much above ground as possible. Which is to say, they like to be above ground, in the form of great big impressive spires and architecture, much of which will sparkle in the sun and otherwise be amazing. The makers of the Desert Cave said nonsense to all that jazz, and decided instead to make the whole thing underground. And, naturally, in the middle of the desert as well.

The theme of the Desert Cave, in all seriousness, is being a great big cave. The walls are all rock, and the interior decor is cleverly designed to appear as if guests are rooting around in an underground paradise. It’s all rather amazing to behold, especially since the parts that are above ground, the entrance, hide the true extent of the casino.

The Revel

The RevelSource:

I’d like to visit this casino, but for reasons other than it being an amazing gaming experience. Instead, I’d like to visit The Revel because it is currently a completely abandoned ghost town. And that, call me weird, sounds truly fascinating. Tell me there isn’t something discomforting about largely deserted luxury locations?

The Revel went belly up soon after opening in Atlantic City. It was then sold, but has since sat completely abandoned. No one really knows if the enormous, still mostly glamorous property is going to transform, or reopen, which makes the whole situation all the creepier. Call my desire to visit The Revel more for the purpose of being freaked out than anything else.

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Bally’sSource: Caesars Entertainment

Bally’s in Las Vegas has one of the most long running bizarre reputations of any casino in the world. A fire gutted in the establishment back in the 80s, killing 87 people. And yes, of course, the place now has a reputation for being haunted. If you’re seeing a trend here; yes I like creepy places. Bally’s has more or less been drowning in ghostly reports since it got rebuilt shortly after the fire, and I, for one, love a good ghost hunt.

I’m well aware of the fact that the reports are all probably nonsense, but can’t help but hold onto a shred of belief that ghost’s might really exist. If anything, maybe I’ll be lucky and think I see a ghost in the reflection of a window or something, and at least have the joy having my pants scared off.

Rivers Casino

Rivers CasinoSource: Comfort Inn O’Hare

This is a casino that speaks to the true, undeniable ingenuity of humans. The casino is located in Illinois, and your first reaction might be; but isn’t gambling outlawed in Illinois? Why yes, it certainly is, and this is exactly why this casino is one of the most brilliant I’ve ever heard of. Gambling is legal in Illinois, but only on water. Or, on riverboats, to be more specific.

So the Rivers Casino is constructed on a small, underground body of water. You’d think authorities might snort at the cheap trick, but apparently the casino got away with it, and is still in business. So sneaky, ad so, so cool.

Casino Lounge Jet

Casino Lounge JetSource: Robb Report

And finally, my most favoured on this list; the Casino Lounge Jet. The name probably says it all; it’s a casino in the sky. Yes, other heathens fly on planes that don’t have casinos, but those on the Casino Lounge Jet never heard of such nonsense. Spend the hours playing a bit of roulette, or spinning the reels, and before you know it you’re at your detonation.

Word is that the idea is spreading, and more commercial planes are adopting the idea. But I’ll believe it when I see it. Those slot games must take up a great deal of space.

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