Differing Casino Games’ House Edge

The term house edge is probably one of the most important ones in the casino world. It refers to the winning chances of the establishment, and therefore gives a good indication of what our actual winning chances are.

When we choose to play online casino games, the house edge is relatively easy to find and the information should be clearly visible. In land-based casinos, however, it is a little harder. Some casino games have very popular well-known house edges, such as the ones with American Roulette and European Roulette, but other casino games have a less obvious house edge.

Blackjack House Edge 

Blackjack is a strategy game, which gives us the chance to lower the house edge if we play according to a good strategy. Some strategies, such as card counting, can only be employed at land-based casino establishments, making this a preferable choice.

Pro blackjack players often boast that they can achieve a house edge as low as 0.5%, but most land-based casinos have a blackjack house edge of 1.5% or higher.

Video Poker House Edge

Video poker has one of the lowest house edges, making it an enormously popular casino game to play. In order to get the best deal, it is advised to look for full-pay machines, which can easily be identified by taking a look at the respective game’s pay table. This is relatively easy in online casinos, but may take a little more digging in a land-based casino establishment.

There is no set house edge for video poker games, and we will need to revisit the pay table for each game and each casino they play at.

Slots House Edge 

As in video poker, the pay table is a good indication of the house edge in slot machines. In online casinos, this is easy to find but, again, requires a little more digging in land-based casinos. Like in the video poker games, the house edge will also differ from game to game and casino to casino, so we will need to research every time they sit down to play a new game or play at a new casino.

Keno House Edge

The keno house edge will differ from casino to casino, and is estimated to lie anywhere between 5% and 50%. In online casinos, the house edge may be a little easier to find, but players are advised to always do their research, particularly in land-based casinos, in order to ascertain what the house edge is. In a game like keno this can make all the difference in determining whether or not players should actually play the game at all!


Poker does not have a house edge because players play against each other and not against the house. Instead, the house will make its money by taking a percentage of the total pot, which is usually set at 5% for regular casinos and 10% in tournaments to cover costs.

However, even if there is no house edge, there is still an edge that some players will experience over other players, depending on their skills. A novice player competing against a skilled player will find himself competing against an edge that could be as high as 50%, making poker a bad game to play for those inexperienced.

The best way to get ahead with poker and not suffer the consequence of being inexperienced is by studying poker strategy and learning the game through trial and error in demo play mode at online casinos.

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