Crazy Casino Facts

Everyone loves a few interesting or mind-blowing facts. After all, what could be more fun than learning something about the world, which just happens to be so amazing that it makes you gasp? There are plenty of mind-blowing facts in nature, even more in the world if entertainment, and a pretty decent amount about people in general. So, it’s no wonder that the Internet seems to be half inhabited by mind blowing facts lists these days.

But one industry that doesn’t get much attention is the casino and gambling industry, and that certainly needs to change, given how many crazy facts there are. In fact, there are some that might just make your mouth pop open and make you say; “really?” And all we can say is, yes, really! Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting and mind-blowing facts about casinos and the gambling industry.

Gambling Origins – Unknown

As far as human history goes, games of chance have been present about as long as humans themselves have existed. In fact, a pair of bone dice have been discovered which suggests that gambling games existed before people even lived in cities. It’s a crazy thought, but a true none the less. So in this regard, there really is no real way of telling when gambling games first emerged. They have simply been a part of human civilisation since the beginning. In other words, games of chance can more or less be considered a human instinct.

As for casinos themselves, the modern variation, they descended from Italian Casa houses. What are those? Well, before people had electricity, television, and computers, they had to entertain themselves via games. In ancient Italy, this gave rise to public clubs where people went to play these games, and otherwise just enjoy fun activities. But many of hose activities happened to be gambling games, and so the Casa houses became casinos, which focused entirely around casino games.

Monaco Citizens May Not Gamble

Monaco is one of the most famous gambling destinations in the world, and in fact is basically synonymous with elite gamblers. If you want to gamble with the big boys, you go to Monaco, where sports cars are the order of the day, and obscene high stakes games are standard.

But many are not aware of the fact that the people of Monaco, the locals, are forbidden to gamble by law. It seems outrageous that a place so closely related to gambling does not allow it’s own citizens to play, especially considering that many Monaco citizens even work in the famous casinos.

It turns out that when Monaco first made the transition to a gambling destination, that the Prince of Monaco forbade his citizens from playing in his casinos. This was because he feared that his people would lose their money in the casinos he had constructed, and so placed a ban on locals being allowed to participate. The law was made some time ago, and many have said that it should be lifted, or at least altered. There has been, however, no word of this being on the to-do list of Monaco. So, it seems like for the moment, Monaco citizens may look at the impressive casinos from afar, or even from within if they work there, but never actually play a casino game themselves. Bizarre.

Casino Games As A Profession

There are more professional gamblers in modern times than there ever have been before in history. That is to say, people who make their living entirely off casino games. This is mainly due to the massive increase in the popularity of online poker, giving rise to a new wave of professional poker players, many playing exclusively online. And the fact that poker tournaments are now televised certainly hasn’t hurt this enormous recent growth.

There are only a few casino games that a player can get so skilled at they can win consistently, and poker is one of them. Blackjack is another. There is not as much focus on blackjack as there is poker, but it goes without saying that there are also a great many professional blackjack players. Make no mistake, however, that being a professional at either of these games takes an enormous amount of practice and mathematical skill.

An Uncaught Casino Shark Team

And last but not least, there is a gang of card sharks that are well known in the gambling centres of the world, not because they’re good at cards, but because they can cheat so well. Using a combination of tiny digital cameras, and sneaky observation, the team has taken millions from casinos around the world.

The most amazing part is that not only do casinos know about this gang, but they are still at large, and only some of them have ever been caught.

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