Bizarre Sports Around The World

Ostriches used for racingSource: Pixabay

Humans are an interesting bunch of creatures. Put them together in one place for long enough and they start to come up with all sorts of wacky ideas. Some of these ideas are great, like online Blackjack, but some are less so, like chess boxing.

Yes, we’re talking about some of the most bizarre sports ever conceived, and before you ask, they really do exist. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to participate in any of them, but the option is there, if you ever feel like trying to play chess while getting punched in the face. What is life, after all, if not a journey of brain damage paired with difficult strategic decision-making?

Chess Boxing

Speaking of getting punched in the face while you play chess, let’s start off with Chess Boxing. It’s exactly what the name suggests, alternating between boxing and a serious game of chess. As you can imagine, the chess part of the sport suffers as more face punches are sustained. If you’re interested, it is an on going sport, and apparently fairly popular in the sports betting community.

Ostrich Racing

Okay, this one is actually pretty cool. The sport of ostrich racing originated in Africa, but has made its way to the United States in more recent years. In all seriousness, ostriches are not to be taken lightly in the racing department. They can sprint at around 43 MPH; so don’t assume that this is all just some big joke. The down side is that ostriches are easily spooked, and injuries are fairly common.

Underwater Hockey

If you’ve ever thought that playing hockey on land was for sissies, then you’re likely to be far more interested in playing underwater. Underwater hockey was invented in the United Kingdom in 1954 and is still going strong today. There is apparently a fair amount of skill involved, not in the least because drowning is a real danger that must be taken into consideration. This sounds exciting, but underwater hockey probably isn’t much of a spectator sport.

Toe Wrestling

Why is toe wrestling a thing? We don’t know, but it is. As the name suggests, two combatants lock toes and attempt to pin the foot of the other, like arm wrestling.

Dog Surfing

Surfing alone, lame. Surfing with your dog? Now we’re talking. The best even have their dogs doing tricks while they surf, because getting a dog to balance on a surfboard wasn’t difficult enough. Seriously, though, some people have way too much time on their hands. It really is impressive to witness, however, so Google some of the Dog Surfing champions when you get the chance. Yes, there is actually an official Dog Surfing Championship.

Surfing dogsSource: Pixabay

Wife Carrying

The Finnish took this sport seriously enough to get the Americans involved in 1999. It is officially called Wife Carrying, but, shock and horror; the woman that gets carried doesn’t legally have to be the wife of the carrier. Scandal. According to the rules, the lady must be carried through an obstacle course. If she is dropped, she doesn’t just get concussion; 5 seconds are also added to the overall time.

Elephant Polo

Getting trampled by a horse is for losers. Real men want to be trampled by an elephant. Thus elephant polo was invented. Elephant polo follows all the same rules as regular polo, but for the addition of potential death via elephant trampling. Play it in India, Thailand, or Nepal.

Cheese Rolling

You know what would be a really good idea? Rolling a cheese wheel down a steep hill, and chasing after it. This is what the people of Gloucester, England, thought, and who can blame them? There are injuries expected each year, such is the commitment to the cheese rolling tradition. Plus yes, to answer your question, the winner gets the cheese.

Sepak Takraw

Lastly we have Sepak Takraw. Like volleyball, but plot twist, you aren’t allowed to use your arms or hands. This interesting game originated in Asia, but has been seeing wider popularity lately. It is, without joking, a very impressive sport to spectate. You wouldn’t believe how agile some people are, and how committed players can be to doing backflips in order to keep a ball from hitting the floor.

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