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Captivating Keno Games at Mummys Gold Online Casino

Lottery games are widely enjoyed on every continent of the globe, thanks to just how easy it is for you to play and win with them. Simply selecting the right combination of numbers is the only thing required from you, and there are some truly outstanding jackpots available for those lucky enough to make a good guess. Although online casinos are not able to offer the staggering totals that national and state lotteries are able to, they do have the next best thing available for you to enjoy by means of your favourite internet-ready device - Keno! Not only do this game’s odds tend to be far better than those you will be working with in government lotteries, but the draws occur far more frequently too. At Mummys Gold online casino you can set them to unveiling the winning digits whenever you wish!

How to Play Keno at Mummys Gold Online Casino

Keno is an incredibly easy game to learn how to play, and even if you have never played the lottery, you will be able to work out keno’s ins and outs in no time at all. Each game will have you making a selection of numbers, known as spots, which you feel are most likely to appear in the next draw. You will be able to choose just one number, or as many as 15, and your prize money will depend on how many of these you are able to match. When the keno draw occurs, 20 numbers ranging from one to 80 will be drawn. Once these have been chosen the results will be matched to how many of these also appear on your ticket. If enough correct matches have been made, you will win!When the draw takes place, 20 numbers will be picked in a range between 1 and 80. Once they have been chosen, the results come down to comparing how many match those that appear on the player’s ticket. If enough have been correctly matched, the player will win a prize.

More Numbers Means More Chances to Win

The reason it makes more sense to choose bigger amounts of number, 15 spots as opposed to just one, is that the more numbers you have matched to those drawn, the higher the value of the prize you will be winning. There is also more likelihood of your choosing correctly, since instead of just one chance you have 15, and, thanks to how easy keno is to play, placing larger bets like these won’t break the bank. Explore your real money game options at Mummy’s Casino today, and start having fun with keno!



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