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Mummys Gold is committed to providing you with safe, secure and reliable banking transactions and prompt payouts. Mummys Gold offers a wide variety of safe, online depositing methods which includes Moneybookers. Moneybookers is a secure, uncostly, global payment solution which enables players on a worldwide basis to deposit casino credits in real time. Moneybookers distinguishes itself from other services in that all you need to register is an email address and registration is free of charge. Moneybookers, which is similar to a virtual wallet, supports many currencies from around the world.

Click here to register with Moneybookers straight away, or click on the links below for more information.

Advantages of Moneybookers
1. No Registration Fees: The registration of a Moneybookers account is free of charge.
2. Real Time Payments: Moneybookers is one of the fastest ways of sending and receiving payments online.
3. Worldwide Accessibility: Not only does Moneybookers support over 20 currencies, it is also the cheapest way to send money across countries' borders.
4. Complete Privacy: Your credit card details are completely secure during any casino credit deposit.
5. Total Security: Your account is protected against automated login attacks by the Turning Number Entry during login. Moneybookers also works closely with law-enforcement agencies to guard against fraudulent activity.
6. Convenient: An e-mail address is all you need to send and receive payments.
7. Money Out: Use your Moneybookers account to withdraw funds via Bank Transfer, Credit Card, E-Gold and Check.

Moneybookers' Funding Limits
The funding limit is $1,000.00 per month, however funding via credit card is limited to $600 per month. If you would like to increase your funding limit, you must first become a verified user. You will need to send a signed copied of Due Diligence Documentation to Moneybookers. Your documents will be carefully reviewed before your funding limit will be increased.

To Fund Your Moneybookers Account, Simply:
1. Visit, click Login and enter your e-mail address, password and Turing Number.
2. Click Upload Funds. You will be given a choice of three funding options, namely:
Bank Transfer: This allows you to transfer funds into your Moneybookers account.
Credit Card: This allows you to register your credit card and use it to fund your Moneybookers account.
E-Gold: An e-currency payment solution with which to fund your Moneybookers account.
3. Select the funding option that best suits you.

Depositing Casino Credits
Please note: The currency with which you choose to fund your Moneybookers account will not restrict your choice of currency at the casino ($, £ or €). The currencies will be converted according to the going rate of exchange.
1. Login to the casino software and click Bank.
2. Select the deposit tab - Moneybookers will be listed as a deposit option.
3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your Moneybookers deposit.
4. Once you have confirmed that you wish to deposit using your Moneybookers account, you will be redirected to the Moneybookers website. Here you will be asked to enter your e-mail address, password and an automatically generated Turin Number.
5. Confirm the amount that you wish to transfer.
6. You will receive a message indicating whether your transaction is successful.



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