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Enjoy Online Keno Games with Mummys Gold

Keno blends many of the elements of other beloved casino games together, to create instant-play entertainment that we know the Mummys Gold gamblers in Ireland are going to love. Take a break from the cerebral pleasures of online Blackjack and other card games, and the strategic betting of table games like Roulette with another instant game that is just as exciting as our best online slots are, and will spice up your playing life with more variation. Use our dazzling casino bonuses to bet and win even more.

A Little History: The Origins of Keno

The story of what has evolved into one of the greatest online casino games is one of rich heritage. The earliest incarnation of the game is believed to have been seen in Ancient China, when famous General Cheung Leung was desperately trying to think of ways to fund his army and the constant battles that they were required to fight.

The General had the inspired idea to create a lottery-like game with the first 100 images from the classic Thousand Characters poem that was used to help children to learn the traditional Chinese alphabet. Soon the game was so popular that people all around China were playing. The results had to be sent by carrier pigeon to remote and rural areas, where the communities waited eagerly to see if anyone had struck it lucky.

The use of carrier pigeons earned the game the nickname White Pigeon Game. Its success earned it a place in history and in modern gambling culture. Cheung was so successful that he was able to keep his army going and donate funds to help build the Great Wall of China. The modern online games will enhance any online or mobile casino experience.

Thrilling Keno Games at Mummys Gold

Unlike the people in Ancient China, you won’t have to wait for a carrier pigeon to see if you’ve been lucky when you play Keno at Mummys Gold. The sophisticated Random Number Generator that is used in the games has been audited and certified by eCOGRA, so you can be a lot more certain of your results too.

At the beginning of every game, you pick your numbers from the available pool, and they are then displayed on your Keno ticket. You can buy as many of these as you like, and when you are ready, the winning numbers will be generated where they would be drawn in a real-life game. If your numbers match those that are called, you win! The number of matching numerals and the amount that you bet in the first place are used to calculate your payout.

Having the Best Time with Our Keno Games

The Keno that we have on offer at Mummys Gold are, like all our games, from the great Microgaming studio. Every time you play, you can expect flawless functionality, high-definition graphics and engaging overall gameplay.

You might even find that, as many people do with mobile slots, playing Keno on handheld devices feels more realistic than playing online. Just as you are able to control the Slot game more directly this way, using your fingertips to choose your favourite numbers as you would with a physical Keno ticket can create a more authentic playing experience.

The high quality of the casino games means that, whether you win or lose, you’re going to enjoy playing Keno at Mummys Gold. Remember that the thrill of this particular game comes from the elements of chance that are involved; the numbers are randomly generated and there is really nothing that you can do about them.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that statistics play a part in whatever the next numbers to be called are. Set a budget before you start playing so that you don’t lose your head in the fast-paced action and bet more than you should. Focus on appreciating the game for what it is, and consider any payouts that you walk away with a pleasant surprise. Thrilling as wins are, they shouldn’t be the point of playing our Keno games; having fun should. Whatever you win is an (fantastic!) extra bonus.



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