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Mummys Gold Casino Brings You Blackjack

You can kick back and enjoy top table games when you sign up or sign in to Mummys Gold Casino Ireland! Whether you feel like rolling the Craps dice, spinning the Roulette wheel, or betting with Baccarat, we have the best versions of them all ready and waiting for you to play. Our guarantee of satisfaction extends to Blackjack games too, 1 of the oldest, and best, table games in history, and probably 1 of the most popular, too.

The modern-day Blackjack that you will be enjoying at Mummys Gold casino is based on one from 18th-century France which was known as Vingt-et-Un, or 21. The aristocracy initially exclusively enjoyed it, but these days we invite anyone and everyone to enjoy games as they please. The rules are very similar to what they originally were, and, best of all, are not very difficult to learn!

Blackjack at Mummys Gold Online Casino

Blackjack, originally known as 21, is still frequently referred to by its old name, because the player’s objective has remained the same: get a hand total of 21 points, or as close to that as possible, without going Bust, or exceeding 21, whilst beating the dealer at the same time.

Starting your Blackjack game at Mummys Gold online casino will have you placing your bet, and then you and the dealer will each receive 2 cards. You will be able to see both of your cards, and, in most versions, 1 of the dealer’s 2 cards will be visible. Based on this information, you will now decide what your next play should be.

You can Hit, and receive another card, Double Down, get another card and multiply your bet by 2. Furthermore, you can Split a Pair and create 2 new hands, getting cards dealt to each 1, or Stand, and refuse to take any more cards.

The different Blackjack variations will each have different rules as to what hand total the dealer has to Hit or Stand on, so be sure and inspect them before your game begins.

Great Blackjack Variations at Mummys Gold

When you consider how wildly popular Blackjack is, it should come as no surprise that there are several versions of the game available, and that Mummys Gold Casino has the very best of these.

If you are just starting out, stick to Classic Blackjack, and then you can move on to explore Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, and the rest of the options we offer.

Each different version of the game will come with its own set of advantages and challenges, and they will all deepen not only your understanding of Blackjack, but your appreciation for it, too! Different versions will deal the cards from different amounts of decks, some will allow you to play more than 1 hand at a time, and others will limit certain moves.

When you play Double Exposure Blackjack, for instance, you get the added benefit of being able to view both of the dealer’s cards, but this advantage is offset by stricter rules governing the game otherwise.

Start Creating Your Blackjack Strategy

The simple fact is that, like most things, the more you play Blackjack, the better your chances of winning! Our first tip is to play the game here at Mummys Gold Casino Ireland as frequently as you can. Not only will you be having fun, you will very quickly be able to spot an increase in your returns.

Strategy charts are a great idea when you are just getting started, too, so don’t overlook these. They will help you decide on whether to Hit, Double Down, Split, or Stand, depending on what you have been dealt, and will see that you enjoy the best chances of a win until your own knowledge of the game takes over and you can start making your own decisions!

Above all, however, have fun, when you play Blackjack or any of the other online casino games we provide at Mummys Gold. Take your pick from the best online slots, we have so many, and explore the other casino games we have on hand. Our mobile casino is also a great option - we make sure you have the very best online games for all platforms.



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