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Power Poker – 10 Hand Double Joker

Microgaming is the undisputed leader in the online casino games development market, and over the years, the team has come up with a selection of truly masterful Poker game titles. With a game like Poker, one that is so widely enjoyed by players all over the world, it’s important to keep the action fresh and happening. The only way to achieve this is to create wonderfully creative variations of games. Which is exactly what the developers at Microgaming have done with .

Pumped Up Online Poker

really is Poker on steroids. The Double Joker variant of Poker is a highly popular style of Poker. Add that to being able to play no less than 10 hands of cards at a time, and you end up with possibly the ultimate way of playing Poker that anyone has ever come up with.

10 Hand Double Joker was inspired by the enormous success enjoyed by the 4-Hand version, another popular game by the same developer. It can be played right here at Mummys Gold Casino.

10x The Fun Online

In , 10 hands consisting of five cards each, are dealt to the player. As soon as the first hand of cards is received, the player will be given the option to keep or discard cards. This is a very crucial stage in the game, where the strategies of standard Video Poker have to be employed in order to ultimately come out on the other side with the best possible combination of cards in hand.

What makes even more interesting to play, is that the decks of cards used consist of 54 cards, and not the standard 52. As the name suggests, two additional Jokers have been added into the mix, sprucing it up even further.

The Joker cards are wild cards, and will stand in for any other cards in a hand. Getting these to work effectively for you is the key to winning at .

Other than that, as far as card combinations go, the rules of Poker apply. The maximum payout to be won at any given time is 4 000 credits.

Special Features

As is the case with the 4-Hand version of the game by the same developer, the Double Feature makes an appearance once more. The double feature dictates that after each winning hand of cards, the player will have the choice of doubling his or her bet and thereby doubling his or her chance at winning.

The game reverts to a separate screen as soon as the player chooses to activate the Double Feature. A set of five cards will come into view, with their values hidden from the player. Only the card on the far left-hand side of the screen is dealt with its value revealed. The player must then pick another card (of which the value is at this point still concealed) of a higher value. Successfully picking a card holding a higher value carries a reward of a 2:1 payout.

Top Class Video Poker Action

The game has a certain visual appeal and traditional Poker players are bound to find the simplicity to be an attractive feature. The aim of the game is to play cards, without the bells and whistles – no distractions- just good old-fashioned big winning fun.

This does not steal anything from the experience, but instead, adds an element of classic play to an already well-designed game. 



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