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Samurai 7s Online Slot

The Samurai were the strong and fearless warriors of pre-modern-day Japan. They were tasked with defending the people as well as the nation’s rulers and were armed with a range of intimidating weapons, including bows and arrows, spears, guns and most notably, swords. Samurai lived by the ethical code known as “the way of the warrior” and lived and died by the rules of the code. The code included strong moral concepts like loyalty to a master, self-discipline and overall ethical behaviour.

Today, Samurai-inspired themes can be found all over Japan. Castles, historic buildings, museums, even amusement parks, all honour the legacy of the Samurai. Some districts were set apart specifically for the Samurai and many of these districts are still intact and can be viewed even today. These locations make for fantastic tourist attractions all over the country.

The legend of the Samurai has now been developed into an online video slots game that truly does the idea justice. The creators are Microgaming and we suspect that the result would hardly have been as impressive had the task been put to a lesser team of developers.

Samurai 7s features 3 reels and 3 paylines and the game includes signature symbols from the Samurai era. 

Samurai 7s Symbols

Despite the uncomplicated simplicity of Samurai 7s, the online video slot does feature 2 very prominent Samurai symbols: a traditional Japanese dragon and the well known Japanese Samurai fighting star, or Shuriken. The Shuriken was an important weapon in the Samurai’s arsenal, and was thrown at the enemy much in the same fashion as what one would throw a Frisbee today. The Shuriken is arguably even more connectable to the very essence of Samurai than the sword.

Ironically enough, neither of the two symbols represents the Wild symbol in Samurai 7s. The wild is, quite charmingly, represented by a Lucky 7 symbol. The Lucky 7 will transform into any other symbol in order to complete a winning combination. What’s more, the Lucky 7 also doubles up as a type of a scatter symbol. Landing three Lucky 7’s in a row on the third payline awards Samurai 7s’ Jackpot payout: a very hot and happening 6 000 credits!

A Great Game in Every Way

The graphics and soundtrack both reflect the beautiful simplicity of the slot. Samurai 7’s is no-nonsense, without being lacking of nail-biting excitement when that winning combination lands on the game’s reels. It brings the perfect balance of the Samurai to the modern-day player. Any fan of Samurai culture will be completely hooked by this title!

A Slot to Suit All Bankrolls

What makes Samurai 7s truly appealing to a wide audience is the wide range of betting options supported by the game. Bets start from as little as 1 cent and escalate all the way up to 5 currency units, for a single spin of the reels. This makes Samurai 7s absolutely perfect for all types of budgets and levels of expertise.




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